Top Financial Professionals on Your Team

Top Financial Professionals on Your Team

Joy of winning the gold cup

We are always humbled when the Yeske Buie team is named to a “best of” list, but when the list is determined by the recommendations of our peers, we find it even more gratifying. It is with great pride that we share that once again, Elissa Buie and Yusuf Abugideiri were named to Northern Virginia Magazine’s Top Financial Professionals list. This is not the first time that these two have been named to the list – both Elissa and Yusuf were recognized on Northern Virginia Magazine’s 2021 list, Yusuf was also recognized in 2020 and Elissa has been on nearly every listing since 2012.

To compile the listing, Northern Virginia Magazine surveys local financial professionals who specialize in the areas of investments, retirement, estate planning, tax, and insurance. The survey asks the professional to nominate other experts whom they would trust to care for their family and friends. Those on the list received the most nominations from all sources.

Congratulations, Elissa and Yusuf! If you know someone who’s interested in learning more about financial planning or looking for inspiration on how to Live Big, we hope you’ll recommend Yusuf, Elissa, or any of our other talented financial planners. We are passionate about helping those seeking financial advice find a competent, ethical financial planner best suited for their specific planning needs and if that’s not us, then we’ll make a referral to one of our colleagues (many of whom also made this prestigious list!). Let us know if you have someone in mind.

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