YeBu East Coast Gives Big

YeBu East Coast Gives Big

For the second time this year, YeBu East Coast team members volunteered with Dreams for Kids, an organization  focused on organizing life-changing activities that empower children with physical and developmental disabilities to unite with their peers and realize their full potential. Dreams for Kids’ Extreme Recess clinics enable children with disabilities to enjoy sports and realize their full potential to succeed in all aspects of life. This time, some of our team members participated in the Extreme Recess Basketball event. Kids and volunteers were paired up one-on-one and participated in various passing, dribbling, and shooting drills. The event concluded with a mini-game and pizza. Everyone involved had a great time playing games and making new friends!

YA and Robert

Yusuf and Robert during the dribbling drill.

LV and Johanna

Lauren and Johanna high-fiving after making a basket!


Cristin, Yusuf, Summar and Lauren at the Dreams for Kids event.

LV and CE with Johanna

Johanna, Lauren, and Cristin having a good time playing basketball.

Robert Shooting with YA

Yusuf and Robert during the shooting drill.

LV Passing Drill

Lauren, Johanna, and others during the passing drill.