YeBu East Coast Gives Big at DC Central Kitchen

YeBu East Coast Gives Big at DC Central Kitchen

This past Wednesday, our staff on the east coast volunteered at DC Central Kitchen’s Evening Meal Prep event. DC Central Kitchen is America’s leader in reducing hunger with recycled food, training unemployed adults for culinary careers, serving healthy school meals, and rebuilding urban food systems through social enterprise. The Kitchen is located right on the edge of Capitol Hill in the basement of the Federal City Shelter, the largest shelter in the country. The team helped DC Central Kitchen’s staff transform 3,000 pounds of donated food into 5,000 balanced meals to be distributed at little or not cost to nearly 90 nearby homeless shelters, transitional homes, and non-profit organizations. The team approached the evening with a great attitude and a willingness to work and had a very productive and rewarding experience.

DC Central Kitchen

Cristin, Lauren V., Lauren G., and Yusuf at DC Central Kitchen

CE, LV, and LG (2)

Cristin, Lauren V., and Lauren G. ready to start the meal prep.

LG, YA, and LV (2)

Lauren G., Yusuf, and Lauren V. in the Kitchen.

Peeling Potatoes

The potato peeling station.

DC Central Kitchen Mission

DC Central Kitchen

Laurens Peeling Carrots

Lauren G. and Lauren V. on carrot peeling duty.

Yusuf Cooking Chickens

Yusuf was responsible for cooking 500 pieces of chicken.

LG Peeling Carrots

Lauren G. at the carrot peeling station.

Cristin in the Kitchen

Cristin helping out with the canned goods.

YeBu East Coast Volunteering

The East Coast team is still smiling after all their hard work.