Yeske Buie Spring Retreat

Yeske Buie Spring Retreat

Last week, the Yeske Buie team from both offices gathered at Marriott Ranch in Hume, Virginia for their semi-annual company retreat. While the retreat serves as a great opportunity to step away from the day to day office routine, the team spends each day working on various business related exercises.

This year’s Spring retreat was led, as usual, by business coach and good friend, David Brand, and had two main themes: strengthening our focus on our core goals, vision, and values and honing our ability to “be” the Client. The team worked on various visioning and goal setting exercises, worked on sharpening our collective understanding of Yeske Buie core values and world views, deepened our communication training, and engaged in awareness practices and role playing exercises to develop the skillful means to better see through the eyes of our Clients. Each retreat leaves the team feeling re-energized and better equipped to serve our Clients, and this retreat was no exception.

When the team wasn’t hard at work, we had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather, take a group horseback ride, eat (too much) delicious food, share stories and play games around the fire, and more! The week ended with our Open House in the Virginia office and a group dinner with each other and our loved ones. We hope you enjoy the following pictures from our retreat to Marriott Ranch!

1 Marriott Ranch

Marriott Ranch in Hume, VA

2 View of the Ranch

Typical view at Marriott Ranch

3 JH, RK, DY, EB, JC in living room

Group exercise (not the calorie-burning kind) in the ranch living room

4 Group Brainstorm Work 2

Brainstorm work in the great room

5 DB and mindmap

David Brand leading a mind mapping exercise

6 RK, SS, EB, JH and DN working hard

Group discussing and diagramming our core values

8 Pano Role Playing

Group role playing exercise

9a Group at Dinner

One of our six daily meals together! Sitting (left to right): Cristin, Lauren V., Jen, Yusuf, Russell, Dorothy, Sabina, and Jane. Standing (left to right): Dave, Elissa, Lauren G., and David Brand.

9 Staff at Stables

The team at the stables, ready to ride!

15 LG on her horse

Lauren G. on her horse, Cowboy

10 JH on a horse

Jen and her horse, Tinker

11 CE on a horse

Cristin and her horse, Bentley

DN on a horse

Dorothy and her horse, Huey

14 SS and her horse

Sabina and her horse, Skip

13 DY on a horse

Dave and his horse, Troy

16 RK feeding his horse

Russell feeding his horse, Rusty

EB on her horse

Elissa on her horse, Darcy

LV on her horse

Lauren V. on her horse, Mississippi


19 EB and LG at Western Town

Lauren G. and Elissa enjoying the fire at Western Town


17 Lunch at Western Town

The group ride led us to Western Town for lunch (on the ride back, the horses suggested a bit less lunch on our part would have been preferable to them)

18 Boys Table at Western Town

The unofficial “boy’s table” at lunch

21 EB, DB, DY, JC at Western Town

Elissa, David Brand, Dave, and David’s wife, Jane, at Western Town

20 VH, CE, JH, LV, DN and JC

Victoria, Cristin, Jen, Lauren V, Dorothy, and Jane after the horseback ride (no riding helmet “hat head” for these lovelies!)

22 Smiling Staff at Western Town Cropped Again

Team photo in Western Town

23 Client Event Food 3

Delicious food from Purple Onion Catering at our Open House

24 Dessert Table

The dessert table at our Open House (yes, the cheesecake stuffed strawberries were back!)

Tuscan Spread

Tuscan spread with roasted vegetables, a variety of cheeses, pesto, hummus, and other delicious dips prepared by Purple Onion Catering


Elissa and two of our Clients. PS: Does Elissa’s outfit look familiar? She realized at the event that she wore the same jacket last year!


25 LV and Eli at Client Event

Lauren and her fiance, Eli, at the Open House (we all think it’s adorable how they like to dress alike)

26 JH and Maegan

Jen and Yusuf’s wife, Maegan, at dinner after the Open House

27 DY, LG and Daniel at Wildfire

Dave, Lauren G. and her boyfriend, Daniel at dinner

28 Group at Wildfire

What a great looking bunch! Group photo at dinner – OMG, is it time to eat again?