Yeske Buie’s 2018 Retreat: Boulder, CO

Yeske Buie’s 2018 Retreat: Boulder, CO


The Yeske Buie team recently traveled to beautiful Boulder, Colorado for our annual Staff Retreat. The purpose of our annual Retreats is to intentionally spend time discussing how we work with our Clients and with each other, to co-create practices and ensure alignment between our standard of excellence in serving our Clients, our core values, and our day-to-day work. The theme for this year’s retreat was Past, Present, and Future, and involved a variety of personal and professional development exercises and many opportunities for bonding time among our team. Our Past, Present, and Future theme came to life in the following ways:

  • Past: A recognition of Yeske Buie’s 10 year anniversary
  • Present: A dive into our current communication and engagement practices
    • The team engaged in robust discussions about what’s working and what can be improved when it comes to our listening habits, our feedback channels, and our current levels of engagement.
  • Future: A forward-thinking reflection about personal and firm goals
    • Taking inspiration from nature, the team enjoyed peaceful time at Gold Lake, reflecting, being present, and giving ourselves what we needed to be the best versions of ourselves moving forward.

In polling the staff following the Retreat, the majority of the team agreed that the time at Gold Lake was their favorite moment of the week. Other highlights included our Eldoa class, a class focused on being present with your body and creating space within your bones and joints, our viewing of Cyrano de Bergerac at the University of Colorado Boulder’s Shakespeare Festival, and of course, our meals together – we like to Eat Big! Another moment the team appreciated was listening to songs that each staff member submitted that relate, for them, to Yeske Buie’s purpose of empowering people to pursue their Live Big lives.

With all this shared, we’d like to invite you to relive the week with us via the following four-minute audio and visual presentation. The presentation is a slideshow of our favorite photos from the week along with one of the staff-selected songs that we feel empowers listeners to Live Big. We hope you enjoy!

To play the slideshow as intended, first click the play icon (triangle) in the bottom right corner, and then click anywhere on The Bradley Inn photo. 

To enlarge the slide show simply click the box image in the bottom right corner of the photo.