Yeske Buie’s BIGGEST Company Retreat

Yeske Buie’s BIGGEST Company Retreat

The Yeske Buie team gathered in San Francisco last week for our BIGGEST semi-annual company retreat to date. We recognize this as our biggest retreat not only because of the size of our staff, but also because of our retreat work. This year, the team focused on solidifying Yeske Buie’s worldviews and core beliefs which resulted in the formation of what we call, the BIGs. Our Clients and friends are most likely familiar with the terms Live Big® and Give Big. After challenging exercises and vulnerable discussions, the Yeske Buie team distinguished four additional BIG worldviews: Be Big, Think Big, Learn Big, and Client Big. Each of the BIGs are complemented with a meticulously crafted belief statement. Collectively, the BIGs communicate who we are and what matters to us at Yeske Buie.

When the team wasn’t hard at work, we had the opportunity to spend time together, enjoy delicious meals, and experience the San Francisco Opera! The week ended with our Open House in the San Francisco office which featured delicious food from JJardine Catering and beautiful music from a violinist and a cellist. We hope you enjoy the following pictures from our week in San Francisco.

Yeske Buie Worldviews and Core Beliefs
The BIGs - Updated
LG In Session Smiling

Lauren G and Camille excited to begin our core values work.

CE and CD In Session

Cristin and Cody review core values materials.

Core Values Exercise

The team participated in an exercise to learn more about Elissa and Dave’s worldviews: Elissa and Dave ranked themselves on various scales while the rest of the team estimated where they felt Elissa and Dave ranked on the scales.

Beginning of BIGS Exercise

The beginning of the BIGs Yeske Buie’s worldviews and core beliefs.

BIGS Exercise in Progress

The team discussed and debated the BIGs to ensure we fully captured our values.

DB Meditating with BIGS

The result of our exercises and discussions is empowering.

DB Introducing Reporter EB

To practice articulating who we are and what we believe, “reporter” Elissa joined our retreat.

EB Reporter Exercise

Elissa pretends to be a reporter, asking members of the team to describe specific worldviews and beliefs.

LV, DN, CD, JH Talking to Reporter DY

“Reporter” Dave also joined the retreat for a similar exercise.

DY Reporter Exercise

Dave challenged team members to think on the fly to articulate our worldviews and beliefs.

Group Visioning Exercise

The team ended the retreat with a visioning exercise to recognize our celebrations, Live Big goals, near-term goals, and more.

Musicians at Client Event

The retreat concluded with our Open House in San Francisco. This year’s entertainment included a violinist and a cellist.

Client Event Flowers

Beautiful flowers and delicious food filled the conference room at our Open House.

Group Dinner at North Beach Restaurant

Of course, the team’s hard work was rewarded with fun events as well. The team enjoyed a delicious Italian meal at North Beach Restaurant.

Team Lunch at the Club

The University Club of San Francisco was the meeting place for this year’s retreat. The team is enjoying one of several tasty meals in the Black Cat Bar.

The Black Cat

The Black Cat Bar is named after the historic Benny Bufano statue of the black cat. For decades, the cat sat in the San Francisco Press Club and marked the boundary of what reporters were allowed to take notes on. If you stood behind the black cat, everything you said was off the record. Rumor has it that the cat is missing his ears because he would take a hit whenever an off record comment ended up in the morning paper.

Dorothy and Victoria

Dorothy and Victoria at the Opera.

Russell, Paola, Sabina, and Alex

Russell, Sabina, and their significant others are enjoying a night at the Opera.


The group is all smiles after a stunning, one-of-a-kind performance of Lucia di Lammermoor.