Weekend Chart Challenge 3.0

Weekend Chart Challenge 3.0

Back in August of 2015 and again in April of 2019, we offered the Weekend Chart Challenge as a way to try to put the volatility we were experiencing into perspective. And here we are again. The last few years have been full of downs and ups (some big ups) and downs again. With the market performance this year, many are again asking what’s up and what’s next.

As we’ve always said, we don’t have a crystal ball and we don’t know what’s next, at least in the short run. And you can learn more about the foundational beliefs that impact our view in the long run via the webinars below.

Stock market investment trading financial, coin and Russia flag or Forex for analyze profit finance business trend data background.
Russia, Oil, Inflation – Oh My! (April 2022)
2022-7-6 Live Webinar
That 70s Show: NOT a Re-Run! (July 2022)
From 3rd to 4th quarter symbol. Businessman turns a wooden cube and changes words 'Q3' to 'Q4'. Beautiful orange table, orange background. Business, happy 4th quarter Q4 concept, copy space.
Winter Is Coming (October 2022)

As far as what’s coming next in the short run, we want to first acknowledge that there are a lot of serious events happening around the world that can feel really mentally and emotionally heavy, and an even higher quantity of scary headlines. And, with that being said, we do have a high degree of confidence in where we’re heading in the long run.

So, perhaps instead of riding the daily emotional roller coaster of market news and headlines, give the below quiz a try. Be sure to get all the way to the end where your answers will be scored and we’ll show you the most important chart of all. Let us know how you do!

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