Baltimore Running Festival

Baltimore Running Festival

Last weekend, Elissa, Dave, and Lauren Grove all participated in a half marathon at the Baltimore Running Festival, Lauren running and Elissa and Dave walking the 13.1 mile course.  It was in Baltimore two years ago that Elissa and Dave first walked a half marathon and they’ve walked three since.  They like to say that scheduling a half marathon every six to nine months is the only way they can stay motivated to get up early and walk on a regular basis. Lauren, a long-time runner, has completed three half marathons, this latest with an impressive finishing pace of 10:17.

EB DY LG Before the Race

Dave, Lauren, and Elissa before the race.

LG and Dan Pre Race

Lauren and her boyfriend, Daniel, before the race.

At the start line

Dave and Elissa at the starting line.

Elissa and Dave Walking

Elissa and Dave during the race.

Elissa and Dave at the Beginning

Elissa and Dave conquering the race side by side.

Still smiling

Still smiling!

Neating the end and we're not last

Nearing the end, and we’re not last!

LG and Dan Post Race

Lauren and Daniel after the race.

Elissa and Lauren

Elissa and Lauren with one of their favorite animals, a horse.

At the finish line

Dave and Elissa at the finish line!


Lauren, Dave, and Elissa at the end of the race.