Live Big vs. Live Large

Live Big vs. Live Large

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We are often asked to define the phrase, Live Big® (it’s something we love to talk about, so it’s always a welcome question!). Sometimes we follow up by offering our belief that it’s about the size of your life, not the size of your wallet®. Other times we share an explanation of the difference between Live Big and live large.

We recently came across a New York Times article titled “It’s a Toddler’s Party. How About a $75,000 Budget?” Having recently celebrated my daughter’s first birthday with gatherings of family and friends, the article caught my attention for a number of reasons, including as an example of the distinction, in our minds, between a Live Big and live large philosophy – we thought it could be a fun opportunity to highlight a few of the differences!

Aria sure loves her Mama!
Aria's Uncle pushes her wagon.
Family and friends sing to Aria.

Below we highlight a few of the different aspects of the $75,000 party and the Live Big party. To be clear, we pass zero judgement on either party. What’s most important here is that both children are clearly loved, and we’re confident that the goal of all the parents was to celebrate their children and make them feel special.

Be sure to read the last line of the comparison chart – we think it’s the children who nailed the overall essence of the Live Big philosophy.

Live Large
Live Big

Party Planning Crew

Hired/Paid Party Planner

Mom and Grandparents

Party Location

LA Park (Requiring City Permits and Blocked Off Streets)

Grandparent’s Home


40 Feet of Balloon Garland

Real-Life-Fire Truck

20 Foot Wooden Structure

Adopt Your Own (Plush) Dalmatian Station

Balloons (Prepped by Friends)

Photo Banners (Printed by Family)


Food Trucks


Homemade Food from Family

Beverage Station

Customized Drink Stirrers

Signature “What the Fire Truck” To-Go Cocktail for Parents

Cooler with Water, Soda, and Beer


Professional Photographer and Videographer

Mom and Family

Best Part of the Party According to the Children?