Where in the World is the Live Big… Pen?!

Where in the World is the Live Big… Pen?!

Hongkong city skyline scenery

We often use this space to post photos of our Live Big glass being used in people’s lives as they Live Big at home and abroad. We’ve learned, however, that it’s not just our Live Big glasses that are making appearances around the world – our pens are also showing up in the most unexpected places!

A friend of Yeske Buie’s was finishing a meal at a restaurant in Hong Kong and was given his check and a pen to sign the bill. What did he see given to him to sign the check? See below…

A Yeske Buie pen! “You’re everywhere!!!” he said as he excitedly told us the story.

We are blown away and honored to know that our pen has made it across the globe, and we are very curious to know how it reached this destination. Was the pen left behind by a Yeske Buie traveler? Did the pen take a more circuitous route through a number of different countries before getting to Hong Kong? If you have any clues to add some color to this story, let us know! Until then, we rest in the serendipity of the universe.