TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Go Green

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Go Green

Life Insurance: Protecting Your Most Important Asset

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Life insurance. While most people understand that holding a life insurance policy is important, it’s also one of those tasks that many people tend to procrastinate until they’re faced with a relevant life experience that increases its level of priority. Holding a life insurance policy is an integral piece of a sound financial plan, as it can provide a financial safety net as well as peace of mind for the policy holder and their loved ones. In this piece, we share our approach to insurance planning including two unique purposes of life insurance.

Expert Spotlight: Picking Policies to Meet Insurance Needs

At Yeske Buie, we believe that successful financial planning captures your life in a big-picture, holistic way. We do this in many ways including focusing on the Financial Planning process and engaging with your strategic partners – the accountants, attorneys, and insurance agents who prepare specific analyses that affect your financial plan. Kim Natovitz, an insurance associate with over 25 years of experience, is one of these strategic partners. In this post, Kim shares her expertise on the process and approach she takes as she helps her Clients pick policies to meet their insurance needs.

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Earth Day: Living a Greener Life

Earth Day, first celebrated in 1970, is an annual worldwide event focused on encouraging practices that support environmental protection. Inspired by the upcoming holiday, we came across an article from Money Magazine that makes a playful connection between environmental and financial hygiene habits. The article shares ten everyday practices that promote both an earth-friendly and a budget-friendly lifestyle. Happy Earth Day!

Cybersecurity from All Angles

Earlier this week, we hosted a live webinar where guest presenter Carrie Kerskie shared tips and best practices for protecting yourself from today’s common cyberthreats. Cybersecurity gurus and novices alike found great takeaways from Carrie’s expertise, including best practices for two-factor authentication and how to protect yourself from juice-jacking. A recording of the webinar and Carrie’s tips sheet for reducing the risk of identity theft is now available on our website. We hope you will share this link with anyone who may find the information valuable and we look forward to connecting with you via our webinars throughout the year – stay tuned for details!

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2018 Tax Return Request

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The first deadline of the 2019 tax season is officially in the rear-view mirror. For those who did not file for an extension, we’d like to request that you send us a copy of your return. Exactly how we use the information in your return varies from Client to Client but can range from analyzing Roth conversions, to updating retirement capital projections, calculating tax projections, and tracking tax data that can impact investment decisions. It is our preference to receive the entire document, however, having a copy of the 1040 and all Schedules is usually sufficient. To securely send us a return or any other information, please use one of the methods described here.