TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Is the Market Color Blind?

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Is the Market Color Blind?

The Stock Market Doesn’t Care Who’s President

Political face off in November

As we approach the 2020 Presidential Election, we have received numerous questions from Clients about what will happen to markets depending on who is elected. Read on to learn more about why – red or blue – it doesn’t really matter…

A Different Definition

Last month, we shared a piece on goal setting where we offered the SMART goal methodology as one way to help you define your goals. This method often inspires great clarity and focus, but for some, it also stifles creativity and motivation. What’s the alternative? We offer a different definition of SMART goals created by Money Quotient founder, Carol Anderson.

goal setting

The Silver Anniversary

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At Yeske Buie, we are committed to an evidence-based approach in everything we do. So are the leaders at Dimensional Fund Advisors. This alignment is part of what led us to make Dimensional a significant part of our portfolio construction process, contributing, as it does, many important building blocks to nearly all of our Clients’ portfolios. In celebration of our 25-year anniversary with Dimensional, we share more about our long-standing relationship.

Live Big® Life Hacks – Register Today!

This year has been challenging – we want to try and make things a little easier. Join us next Thursday, October 22 for a live presentation featuring dozens of life hacks to help you save money, maximize your time, and Live Big! Want to see a few of the life hacks we’ll discuss? Visit our registration page to reserve your virtual seat and learn a few quick tips!

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Final 2019 Tax Return Reminder

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If you have not already done so, we would like to request that you send us a copy of your 2019 federal and state returns to help us better serve you through the remainder of the year. Exactly how the information is used varies from Client to Client but may include analyzing Roth conversions, updating retirement capital projections, calculating tax projections, and tracking tax data that can impact investment decisions. At your convenience, please send the documents to us using any of the secure methods described here.