TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Maximize Your Money and Your Mind

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Maximize Your Money and Your Mind

Cash Flow Considerations During Coronavirus

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As we’re all well aware, we are currently facing unprecedented times in our world today. The pandemic is affecting all of us in one way or another, and many have experienced a change in their financial situation. A life transition or life status change often triggers a review of your finances, and spending time with your monthly budget is a great place to start. In this piece, we share a few considerations to help you maximize your monthly cash flow during coronavirus.

In Case You Missed It: The Pandemic is not like the Great Depression

The latest unemployment numbers in the U.S. have been universally touted as the “worst since the Great Depression,” a comparison that, while accurate, can be tremendously misleading. We share our take on the comparison including some fundamental differences, quotes from experts, and research on the risk of inflation.

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Celebrating Resilience this Graduation Season

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Graduation season is a time to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of the year’s new graduates, and there’s no doubt that the class of 2020 has displayed incredible grit, determination, and resilience. While the celebrations and the road ahead may look and feel different, it’s important to stay grounded and establish sustainable money habits as you take the next step in your educational or professional career. Check out our list of money do’s and don’ts for recent college grads.

Virtual Experience: Making Mindfulness Work in Your Everyday Life

Many agree that mindfulness practices feel good in the moment, but it can be difficult to intentionally make time for these moments in your daily life. We invite you to join us for a live, virtual experience on Thursday, May 28th where meditation teacher Jane Cunningham will join us again to share how you can make mindfulness work in your everyday life. Register here and please feel free to invite anyone who may find this experience beneficial. To get a taste for what’s to come, watch our webinar Balance and Self-Care in Challenging Times that Jane led for us in April.

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Yeske Buie and the Paycheck Protection Program

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Yeske Buie applied for and has received assistance from the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program. Our number one priority is serving our Clients, and this program from the SBA will best enable us to weather the current storm. Ensuring that we can pay our dedicated and talented staff is critical. And, we are planners! So we plan ahead. Hence our decision to apply for this program. Please do not hesitate to call Elissa or Dave about this for any further discussion.