TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Mighty Figures

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Mighty Figures

Queen Elizabeth: A Mighty Legacy

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of the United Kingdom and 15 sovereign states around the world that are known as the Commonwealth. The Queen has now reigned in excess of 60 years, celebrating her Diamond Jubilee in 2012, and will celebrate her Coronation anniversary for 60 years in 2013.

The world lost an icon last month with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, whose 70 year reign left a lasting legacy not only on the U.K., but on the entire world. As we reflect on the Queen’s mighty legacy, we are reminded of the importance of financial planning to wholly care for those we love after we pass. In honor of the Queen, let’s review a few considerations for preparing your own legacy.

Federal (Student Loan) Forgiveness Figures

If you have student loans or have a loved one who does, we’re confident you’ve heard about President Biden’s recently approved student loan forgiveness (to the tune of $10,000 – $20,000 per person). Even though there was a recent court order putting a pause on the forgiveness, borrowers are still being encouraged to apply. Here’s the Who, What, When, Where, and How of the student loan forgiveness.

Graduation Cap And Diploma On $10,000

Mastering Medicare

Mastering Medicare Logo

When it comes to selecting Medicare coverage, navigating plan options can be overwhelming. We are excited to host expert presenter, Margo Steinlage, on Thursday, November 17 for a live discussion on the ins and outs of Medicare coverage including the role that health care costs can play in your retirement, how to identify and fill any gaps in your Medicare plan, important review periods, and more. Register here and stay tuned for additional details.

Ask Us Anything: Is It Right for Me?

Today’s Ask Us Anything question comes from a Client wondering whether or not a reverse mortgage may be an impactful option to incorporate into their financial plan. We think a reverse mortgage can be a powerful tool in retirement in the right situations, and believe they aren’t as predatory and scary as they once were. Read our full answer to the question here, and check out our Reverse Mortgage Mini-Series Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 for more information.

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Together Again

The Yeske Buie Team - October 2022

After two years apart, the Yeske Buie team gathered in person for our Annual Staff Retreat last week – and boy was it sweet! During our time together, we focused on appreciating each other, deepening our understanding of our core values, and discussing our goals for the future of Yeske Buie. We hope you enjoy the following photos and we thank you for inspiring us to continue elevating our service to the Yeske Buie community.