TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Money Musings

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Money Musings

money musings stocks portfolio

Musings of a Money Mad Man

If you’ve been keeping up with financial markets in 2023, you know a few things:

    • The NASDAQ has been on an absolute tear in 2023, up 38% through July 31.
    • The S&P500 hasn’t been doing too shabby itself, up 21% over the same period.
money musings stocks portfolio
    • The Yeske Buie stock portfolio hasn’t quite kept up, although a 13% return year-to-date beats a sharp stick in the eye.

So what gives? What’s been driving the outperformance domestically? And why hasn’t the Yeske Buie stock portfolio been earning the same kind of returns in 2023? Read on to learn more.

Ask Us Anything: European Markets and Economies

News about European markets and economies feel pretty dismal these days. Take this Wall Street Journal article, for example. What are the implications for your portfolio? And what adjustments do we think you should make, if any? Resident economist, Dr. Dave Yeske, shares his take on this question via our latest Ask Us Anything submission. And if you have a question about the economy, our firm, or otherwise, let us know and we’ll feature it here in the future!


Here We Grow Again!

nora stansell

We are excited to share that Yeske Buie Partner, Lauren Stansell, and her husband, Daniel, are expecting a baby boy in December 2023! Baby Boy is healthy and active and, after an early stint of morning sickness, Lauren has had a smooth pregnancy thus far. Lauren, Daniel, and Nora can’t wait to meet the new member of their family, and to shower him with their love. Congratulations, Stansell Family! See photos of Nora in her big sister outfit, baby-to-be, and a look at how their family has grown over the years here.

Rewind: Brain Balance

Wow – we’re still reveling from our group brain power hour last week with forensic document examiner, Heidi Harralson. Those who attended walked away with a better understanding of handwriting as a complex brain exercise, the benefits of doodling and journaling with your non-dominant hand, and ways to open up new neural pathways to see problems from a new perspective. If you’d like to watch a recording of the presentation, send us a message and we’ll reply with a link!

heidi harralson

Word of the Week: ACWI


Clients often ask us what benchmark they should be comparing against their portfolio’s performance to see where they stand. We use The Morgan Stanley Capital International All Country World Index (or MSCI ACWI) to compare the performance of the stock portion of our Clients’ portfolios to that of the global market, because it provides an accurate measure of global stock performance, and because it is geographically neutral, just like our portfolios. Learn more about our thoughts on performance benchmarking here.