TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Notable Differences

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Notable Differences

Charitable Giving Redefined

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For many, the shared challenges we’ve faced during the coronavirus pandemic has brought charitable giving to the forefront of their minds. Each year, we work with Clients to make charitable gifts through several traditional methods, but the pandemic has revealed more creative ways to give. In this piece, we explore less traditional giving strategies and provide resources to maximize the impact of your gift.

Live Webinar: Coronavirus Economics Part 2

The COVID-19 pandemic struck with unprecedented swiftness and power. Months later, as a result of the fiscal and monetary actions from governments and banks, there are emerging signs that the worst may be behind us. Join us next Thursday for a review of the current state of the US and global economy, stock market performance and what it may be signaling, and more. Register today!

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Yeske Buie in the Media: The Coronavirus Crisis vs. The Great Recession

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It is a natural human activity to draw comparisons, and many have been evaluating the similarities and differences between the coronavirus crisis and the Great Recession. While both situations have some similar characteristics, there are many notable differences. Read on for Dr. Dave Yeske’s thoughts on these differences and Yeske Buie’s investment philosophy as featured in a recent CNBC article.

Meet the Team: Maya Ayed

As we shared last time, Yeske Buie has welcomed two virtual interns to our team. In this edition of Meet the Team, we introduce you to Maya Ayed, Business Management Intern in San Francisco. A rising Junior, this is Maya’s second internship and in just a few short weeks, she’s already worked on a number of projects in service of our Clients. Welcome, Maya!

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Reminder: July 15 Tax Deadline

Tax day on July 15

As a reminder, the deadline to make 2019 tax payments, file your 2019 return, and make 2020 estimated tax payments is July 15th. Please note that state deadlines may vary; we believe that your tax professional is the best resource for any decisions related to your specific circumstances. When your return is completed, we kindly request that you send us a copy.