TheLiveBigWay® Digest: The Art of Management

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: The Art of Management

net worth

Making Sense of Your Net Worth

net worth

Despite an increasing prevalence of the term “net worth”, understanding how to track it or calculate it and why, in some ways, it can be more important to one’s financial health than watching the balance of an investment account is often unclear. As financial planners, we feel that there is great value in measuring this mathematical number, understanding its components, and leveraging it to support the life of your dreams. In this space, we aim to shed some light on the concept of one’s “net worth” and how a deeper understanding of this term can increase your financial knowledge and well-being.

Yeske Buie Adds Three Next Generation Partners

Yeske Buie has announced that three of its next generation leaders have become part-owners of the firm. The addition of the new partners is a way of laying the foundation for the firm to continue indefinitely into the future, perpetuating the Yeske Buie approach to financial planning and serving not just our current Clients, but also the generations of loved ones important to those Clients. The three new partners will continue to build on this foundation together with Dave Yeske and Elissa Buie who plan to be around to oversee and guide the company for many years to come. For a look at Dave and Elissa’s succession planning journey, we share the following story published in Financial Planning Magazine.

Yusuf, Lauren, Lauren Professional Headshots

You’re a Financial Planner… Now What?


“You’re a Financial Planner… Now What?” is the title of a podcast series that features interviews with experts and young advisors who share their experiences, knowledge, and practical advice. One of Yeske Buie’s newest partners, Yusuf Abugideiri, was recently invited to join the podcast where he shared his thoughts on managing others, the role of a leader, and how your care for your team is not unlike your care for your Clients. Continue reading for highlights from the insightful podcast.

Our Virginia Event is Two Weeks Away!

We hope you will join us on Thursday, March 7th for a celebration of your past, present, and future at Yeske Buie. Our team looks forward to mingling with you and your guests while enjoying an assortment of sliders, black bean and goat cheese empanadas, meatballs in pomodoro sauce, guacamole crostinis, sweet treats, and more. Additional details about the event including the full menu and a preview of our dynamic discussion about the importance of relationships can be found here on our website. RSVP TODAY!


Where in the World is the Live Big® Glass?

Washington, DC

What does it mean to Live Big? Some may interpret it as meaning “spend big”, “live large” or a recommendation to some other form of overindulgence. But Live Big is about the size of your life, not the size of your wallet. Our most recent photo of the Live Big glass emphasizes that you don’t have to go far to Live Big; you can Live Big in your own town, with friends, in any way that meets your interests or passions. We hope you enjoy this photo and the dozens of other photos in our Live Big glass photo gallery. If you have a photo you would like to add to our gallery or if you would like to request a glass for yourself, please don’t hesitate to email