TheLiveBigWay® Digest: The Big Screen

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: The Big Screen

Risky Business: When Bonds Act Like Stocks

Financial Research

While municipal bonds offer tax-breaks (and sometimes relatively higher yields) that can make them seem like attractive investments, their behavior can be more akin to that of stocks. Read on to learn more about why we steer clear of muni’s in our Clients’ bond portfolios.

Reverse Mortgage Mini-Series

Thanks to updated regulations and requirements, reverse mortgages have become a more appealing planning strategy for aging clients in multiple scenarios. As such, we wrote a two-part Reverse Mortgage Mini-Series that provides a basic overview of Home Equity Conversation Mortgages (HECM) and additional details on HECM’s including costs, calculations, payments and more. Learn more here: Part I and Part II.


Money in Movies

Money Making Movie Industry

After a long hiatus forced by the pandemic, it’s starting to feel like the box office is making a comeback! Whether you chose to head to the theater or stream new releases at home, we felt it timely to share a fun piece we call Money in Movies which features nearly two dozen films that have money as a character. What movies might you add to our list?

The Hope Chronicles

As we continue to weave a film focus through this week’s edition of the Digest, we share three stories with Hollywood flair that boost our spirits. We hope they make you smile, as well. Don’t forget that these stories and more are available in our full gallery of The Hope Chronicles.

Featured Artist

This homeless artist who lost everything in a fire is now getting attention from some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. It’s an incredible story proving how one act of kindness can change someone’s life.

Spectators at Open-Air cinema

Live Big at the Drive-In

Drive-in and outdoor movies are an opportunity to dive into a different world while soaking in some fresh air. Here’s a list of local outdoor movies in Northern Virginia and SF Bay area.

Back to the Future

Flying cars are just for science-fiction films, right? Not anymore! Last week, a flying car completed the first ever inter-city flight underscoring our belief that human beings are fundamentally growth-seeking, ingenious, and resilient.

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Know someone interested in learning more about financial planning, or looking for inspiration on how to Live Big? We are often asked, “Are you accepting new Clients?” and the answer is YES! We are passionate about helping those seeking financial advice find a competent, ethical financial planner best suited for their specific planning needs – if that’s not us, then we’ll make a referral to one of our talented colleagues. So if you know someone who could benefit from financial planning, let us know!