TheLiveBigWay® Digest: What (or Who) Gives?

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: What (or Who) Gives?

Bond Returns Have Been a Bust – What Gives?

Piggybank With Eyeglasses And Calculator On Desk

If you’re a Client of Yeske Buie and you’ve been keeping tabs on the bonds in your financial accounts over the past year, you’ve probably noticed the returns have been… less than stellar. We believe the performance makes sense in the context of the current economic environment, and that context provides hope for better performance in the future. Read on to gain a better sense of what’s been happening with the bonds in your financial accounts.

December Tips and To-Dos

You’ve made your end-of-year lists, but have you checked them twice to ensure you’ve met all the important financial deadlines? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Charitable Giving

You have until December 31 to make charitable contributions and claim them on your 2021 tax return. Unsure about where to donate your money? Check out Charity Navigator to help you give with confidence.

To Roth or Not

December 31 is also the deadline to complete Roth conversions. If you’re a Yeske Buie Client, rest assured that we’ve reviewed your accounts and have reached out if we recommend completing a conversion this year.

Take RMD from IRA

If you are nearing or older than age 72, being mindful of the required minimum distribution deadline (again, possibly December 31) is important. See how Yeske Buie takes care of Required Minimum Distributions for our Clients.

A Jinglin’ and Minglin’ Success!

Last year, we were so blown away by the engagement, interaction, and joy inspired by our virtual holiday party that it was a no-brainer to host a similar one this year. We’d like to share a big THANK YOU to everyone who attended our party yesterday! You made our time together extra special, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Here are just a few of the event highlights.

Jingle and Mingle - Landscape

Meet the Team: Rachel Shin

RS Digest

The Yeske Buie team continues to grow, and we are excited to introduce you to Rachel Shin. Rachel’s professional experiences have given her an appreciation for the importance of empathy and active listening, and she looks forward to learning more about our Clients’ goals, aspirations, and passions. Welcome to the team, Rachel! And thank you for sharing more about yourself for today’s edition of Meet the Team.

The Hope Chronicles

A core value at Yeske Buie, our team believes in giving our time and talent to our Clients and our local communities as an appreciation for all we’ve received individually and as a company. While we are intentional about Giving Big all year round, we find ourselves particularly inspired to give during the holiday season. For the past few years, Yeske Buie’s leaders have generously invited the team to select a handful of toys to be donated to local charities. We hope you enjoy these holiday inspired photos and updates from the Yeske Buie team.

The San Francisco team held a toast before they dropped off their toys in the Mills Building donation box.

The team in Virginia smiles with the nostalgic toys they’ll be donating to a local charity.