“We are always thinking about YOU, the Client…”

“We are always thinking about YOU, the Client…”

At Yeske Buie, serving our Clients is the heart of our business. And to best serve our Clients, we believe that we must always put their needs first, understand who and what matters most in their lives, and use the best available science to craft uniquely tailored financial plans.

We also seek to work with professionals who share this client-centric philosophy, and for years, have relied on Charles Schwab as a custodian.

To highlight their support of independent financial advisors like us, Schwab ran a campaign called Independent Difference, starring our very own Yusuf Abugideiri. In the ad, Yusuf briefly shares his story about why he chose to become a financial advisor:

“I chose to become an independent registered investment advisor because it gives me more freedom to act in the best interests of my clients. In other words, as a fiduciary. Not just in the moment, but comprehensively and continuously. We are always thinking about you, the client. We are always responsible, always accountable, always looking out for you.”

Have you seen Yusuf on your TV?