Let’s Celebrate Sydney!

Let’s Celebrate Sydney!

It’s a true privilege to share the news that Sydney Woodward has passed the CFP® Exam! Sydney discovered the financial planning profession by accident just a few years ago, and now she’s only a few months away from earning the prestigious certification. While the journey has included many late nights and countless hours of studying, it’s also left Sydney feeling an incredible sense of pride, accomplishment, and excitement for what lies ahead.

When talking with Sydney about her journey, she vulnerably shared that, “Growing up, I never thought that this kind of achievement would happen to me, and I couldn’t have imagined finding a career that brings me so much joy.” Exam participants had to wait a few weeks before receiving their results, which were sent via email earlier this week. Sydney was planning on waiting until she got home to open the email, but accidentally opened it in the office and felt equal parts relieved, shocked, and surprised when she saw the words “Congratulations” across her screen.

With this accomplishment, Sydney is well on her way to satisfying the CFP Board’s “Four Es” to become a CFP Professional.


Sydney fulfilled the education requirement when she earned her bachelor’s degree in finance and completed Virginia Tech’s CFP certified program in 2020.


Sydney passed the CFP Exam on April 26, 2022. The exam is designed to assess a candidate’s ability to apply their financial planning knowledge in an integrated format.


To become a CFP Professional, a candidate must accumulate 4,000 hours of apprenticeship experience under the direct supervision of a CFP. Sydney will meet this requirement in October 2022.


The final step is to complete an ethics certification which includes an inquiry into the candidate’s background and an agreement to adhere to the CFP Board’s Code of Ethics.

In addition to the time and energy that Sydney has invested into this journey, she shared the support she’s received from family, friends, and colleagues has been another big factor in her success – she couldn’t wait to share her exam results with them and thank them for all the advice and words of encouragement that they’ve given her! She’s also incredibly thankful for her professors and mentors at Virginia Tech for their encouragement and support, and extends her gratitude to all of her wonderful peers who have supported her not only in her studies but in helping her grow into a (soon to be) Financial Planner.

What’s next for Sydney with the exam behind her? She says, “The first step is to relax and really soak in the achievement. After that, my next step is to just continue to push myself in my professional career and continue to gain experience and build relationships with Clients.”

Congratulations, Sydney! Our team and our Clients are grateful for your skills and your care, and we look forward to all that lies ahead in our journey together empowering people to pursue their Live Big® lives!