Yeske Buie Financial Planning Resident Program

Yeske Buie Financial Planning Resident Program

YeBu Live Big Logo 03-15-11Yeske Buie implemented a Financial Planning Resident Program in 2014 and as of June 2019, has just welcomed our sixth class of Residents! The purpose of the program is to leverage our Financial Planning team and to help contribute to the pipeline of new planners entering the financial planning profession prepared to work with financial planning clients.

Yeske Buie has always felt strongly about supporting the next generation of financial planners. Our Financial Planning Resident program is the most recent manifestation of that support. Fashioned after a Medical Residency at a teaching hospital, Yeske Buie Financial Planning Residents complete a robust three-year program that equips them with the necessary experience to qualify to be a CFP® licensee upon completion of the program. The Financial Planning Resident will work directly with clients, preparing financial plans and reviews, and working in all aspects of financial planning, from the discovery process through to implementation and ongoing support of Yeske Buie’s Clients’ Live Big® goals.

The Resident will be overseen at all times by a CFP® and will “graduate” from this position with exceptional experience, prepared to join an established financial planning firm or start their own practice. During their time at Yeske Buie, they will also attend professional association events and have the opportunity to prepare for and take the CFP® Exam. Upon their “graduation”, the Resident will have the experience necessary to qualify to be a CFP® Licensee.

The Financial Planning Resident will be treated and have the same expectations as other Yeske Buie employees. However, the position will end after a specific time period and the Resident will move on to find other employment. At that time, the Resident will be highly qualified for attractive opportunities in the financial planning profession.

Smailhodzic, Sabina Headshot 2Our first Financial Planning Resident was Sabina Smailhodzic. Sabina joined the Yeske Buie team in August 2014 and set a high standard for future Financial Planning Residents at Yeske Buie. Not only did Sabina hit the ground running in working with the rest of the Financial Planning team to ensure that clients’ financial planning needs are met, but she  also played an integral role in the development of Yeske Buie’s Financial Planning Resident Program. We asked Sabina about what she enjoyed most about being a Financial Planning Resident:

“Although not the answer one may be expecting, I enjoyed the learning curve that had an incredibly steep start! I knew that I would be learning a lot during my time as a Financial Planning Resident at Yeske Buie, but I could have never imagined the amount of learning that would take place within my first five months. Just within the first two weeks I attended an FPA of San Francisco chapter meeting, the 25th annual FPA Far West Roundup, sat in nine client meetings, and began the on-boarding process for three new clients. Needless to say, I never slowed down!”

2015-01-21 RK HeadshotA few months after welcoming Sabina, Russell Kroeger also joined the first class of Financial Planning Resident in San Francisco. Russell graduated from Virginia Tech’s CFP® Certification Education Track in Spring 2013 and had over a year of experience working in the financial planning profession when he joined Yeske Buie. To learn more about Russell, we asked him about his passion for financial planning and what he hoped to accomplish during his time at Yeske Buie.

Since this first class of Residents in 2014, we have welcomed five more classes of Residents: Camille Bouvet and Cody Daniels joined the team in June 2015; Ryan Klemm, CFP® and Zach Bennedsen, CFP® in July 2016; Ryan Rasmussen and Dan Tripp, CFP ® in June 2017; Cole DeLucas and Alishia DuBois in June 2018; and Jack Petras and Ryan Kelly in June 2019. We are continually impressed how each Resident has generously shared their unique strengths with us which has made the experience a learning opportunity not only for the Residents, but also for the rest of the team. Stay tuned as we continue to grow our program!