Ryan Kelly, EA, CFP®


Ryan Kelly, EA, CFP® earned a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin in 2017 and an M.S. in Financial Planning from the University of Georgia (UGA) in 2019. Ryan passed the third part of the Special Enrollment Examination in February 2020 and became an Enrolled Agent in April 2020. Ryan earned the CFP® Certification in September 2021.

As a student of the University of Texas, Ryan dove into the school’s culture and joined the Longhorn Band. Outside of his musical pursuits, Ryan joined the Alpha Omega campus ministry, becoming a student leader during his third semester. With Alpha Omega, Ryan led small group discussions, participated in on-campus and community outreach, and fostered a sense of unity in the ministry. At UGA, Ryan continued his involvement with Alpha Omega and became a member of UGA’s Student Financial Planning Association.

In 2018, Ryan took an internship with Signature FD, a fee-only financial planning firm in Atlanta, Georgia. Although he was often handed the typical tasks of an intern (making copies, filing documents, and building reports), it was that exposure to clients’ stories that kindled Ryan’s passion for financial planning. Already enjoying the technical work of planning, Ryan found purpose in the intricacies of clients’ situations and the variety of work that was presented each day in the office.

Outside of the office, Ryan enjoys recreational soccer and tennis and is an avid fan of Atlanta United, his hometown MLS team. Ryan has also had several opportunities to travel the world and always welcomes opportunities to venture outside of his comfort zone, whether that is within the city or around the globe.

Client Focus: Ryan is excited to meet YOU! He has developed a passion for financial planning through actively listening to Clients’ unique personal financial story, and he is excited to learn about your family, your passions, and your Live Big goals.

Current Update: Ryan is excited to be a permanent member of the Yeske Buie team and is glad to know that he can continue to serve his Clients for years to come. It also feels good to be back in the office together. The collaborative environment coupled with the energy of being around everyone again energizes Ryan and reminds him of his passion for what he does.

At home, Ryan is really enjoying the way that life is opening back up. Ryan has taken advantage of the return of live events by going to four concerts and comedy shows in the month of March alone. Ryan also looks forward to the return of baseball and the defending champions, the Atlanta Braves. Ryan has enjoyed watching the start of the MLS season and the U.S. Men’s World Cup qualifying matches.

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