Featured Favorites: Secret Skills

Featured Favorites: Secret Skills

Welcome to Featured Favorites, a special feature with a goal of highlighting the diversity of thought and interest on the Yeske Buie team and in the Yeske Buie community at large.

We recognize that we ask our Clients to share a lot about themselves. And not just their intimate financial information, but also their life story, their dreams, their goals, and their childhood money memories, among other things. With appreciation for this vulnerability, we like to reciprocate the sharing. For example, have you seen the team’s personality statements on our website? They look like this:

The definition of a sneaker head - his shoe collection rivals that of a pro athlete.
Has had more hair-do's in a month than most people have in their lifetime.
Is addicted to Apple Music and makes a new 33-song playlist every quarter.
Yusuf Abugideiri, CFP®

Chief Investment Officer • Partner

Also known by the Yeske Buie team as "Love It".
Was struck by lightning in the Grand Canyon.
Is a nerd for every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Lauren Mireles

Chief Operating Officer • Partner

Hiked the Grand Canyon from rim-to-rim in one day and lived to tell the tale.
Avid adventurer.
Has been horseback riding since before her feet could reach the bottom of the saddle.
Lauren Stansell, CFP®

Chief Planning Officer • Partner

In this edition of Featured Favorites, we asked our team to unveil some of their secrets – their secret skills, that is! We asked…

What qualities or skills do you have that not many people know about? Share the deets!

We feel confident that you’ll learn a thing or two about our team as you read through these secret skills, especially considering some of the information was new to us, as well! If you feel inspired to unveil your own secret skills, use the form at the bottom of the page to share them with us. As you well know, we love learning more about the people in the Yeske Buie community!

Sunday Breakfast Skills

“Sundays are mine – I make breakfast better than anyone! Some of my specialties include pancakes, waffles, millionaire bacon, exceptional hash browns, smoothies, and scrambles of all types.” –Yusuf Abugideiri

Like a Sponge…

“A general skill that I am proud of is my ability to take something, quickly learn it, and become competent in it. This can be in the form of sports, a new videogame or board game, instruments, etc. For example, learning guitar or the sport of golf. Due to my competitive nature, when I find a new thing that interests me and that I am not very good at yet, I commit my all and obsessively practice until I become at least average or above average in whatever I am focused on.” – Rachel Shin

Horse Whisperer

“I started horseback riding when I was only four years old! My feet didn’t even reach the bottom of the saddle, but I was in charge! I took lessons almost every single Monday from that age up until high school (then rode as I was able in high school and college). I’ve loved horses since I was little and think they are really special animals. I miss spending as much time around them as I used to and I plan to get back into taking lessons soon.” – Lauren Stansell

Quasi Travel Agent

“I know it may sound predictable considering I am a financial planner, but I am obsessed with planning trips! Whether it might be a short weekend getaway or a Live Big trip, I love to educate myself on the area we are visiting and in doing so, making myself aware of any “must-dos” while we are there. I crave taking advantage of each moment on a trip. I even will help plan trips for friends and family, as well.” – Cole DeLucas

Toes In, Heels Out

“I dance the Charleston to keep my body moving – often to get to my Apple Watch stand goal (usually no one is watching).” – Cristin Stinson

What’s Your Sign?

“One of my life goals is to become fluent is ASL. This is something I have been really interested in learning since I was young, but I never started. Maybe 2022 is the year!” – Sydney Woodward

Spice Queen

“Another skill I have is that I am able to taste a dish and know exactly what it needs to taste better if it is lacking in flavor in some way. My mom will always call me over to taste her food whenever she is done cooking to see what else she should add and to make sure the dish is ‘Rachel approved’ as she says.” – Rachel Shin

Left? Right? Both?

“I’m (mostly) ambidextrous! I write, eat, and drive with my left hand, but I play all sports right-handed, use right-handed scissors, and chop veggies with my right hand, as well. It’s skill that comes in really… handy!” – Lauren Mireles

Canine Cover Artist

“I reword classic songs to include my dog’s name and silly things about her and sing them to her (eg. Dolly Parton’s Jolene except renamed to Charlie or Brick House or Brown Eyed Girl)” – Cristin Stinson

What is: A Cruciverbalist?

“I love all words games. The only game I can reliably beat Daniel at is Bananagrams. I also love Mad Gab with a big family or friend group.” – Lauren Stansell