The Investment Answer?

The Investment Answer?

the investment answer
the investment answer

The late Dick Wagner, a friend and pioneer of the financial planning profession, once said,

How true he was. The media (especially social media “finfluencers”) and society are often hyper-focused on money, specifically, amounts and quantities – how to make more and more, the hottest stock tips, the minute-by-minute stock market updates, and the ideas that individuals can outsmart the market and get rich quick. Many people claim they have THE answer to any investment question, and the single best way to get rich quick.

Unfortunately, these messages about stock returns and needing to constantly make more money are so pervasive they can cause confusion, FOMO (fear of missing out), shame, and other negative feelings.

Looking for the investment answer to end all questions about what to do with your money? In our view, a standalone investment answer doesn’t exist. But investments combined with the power of financial planning may just be able to provide you with the answer you’re looking for. Explore this idea with us as we discuss:

  • Investing (as part of financial planning)
  • Real Financial Planning
Investing (as part of financial planning)

Investments, while certainly an important part of an overall financial plan, are just one piece of the puzzle of your life and what and who truly matters to you. And that’s what true financial planning is all about – YOU.

With that in mind, let’s talk briefly about the investing part of your plan. You work hard for your money (cue the singing *so hard for it, honey*) and it should work hard for you in return. Investing is important, and we believe in investing in a way that is grounded, diversified, understandable, and aligned with your values. You want to know how your money is invested and why so you can let it grow for you over the long run without worrying about the day-to-day media noise. The market will have its ups and downs; it is the nature of the beast. It is the outcome of that volatility that is the reason why we invest in the market – to allow our money to grow for us – but along the way there is risk involved, and that risk is a vital component in the equation and why we get rewarded with returns.

Real Financial Planning

Investments aside (and acknowledged as important), we think of ourselves, first and foremost, as financial planners. And financial planning done right is about building deep relationships with our Clients, constantly learning who and what matters most, and tailoring our work together to align with those values. It’s about being a teammate and thinking partner available to discuss any situation that comes up, frame it in the context of the 360-degree view of the Client’s life, values, and desires, and help the Client make an educated decision on the next best step.

Financial planning is not linear; it is not one-and-done. It’s an ever-evolving process, like sailing on a bay or playing golf. You know where you are ultimately headed, but you’re constantly assessing the situation (winds, tides, weather, obstacles, slope of the green) and course-correcting appropriately. We can’t predict what will happen, but we can help you adapt as reality emerges, always keeping in mind what matters most to you and approaching all conversations from that place. That’s why it’s financial plannING, not just a financial plan.

We empower people to pursue their Live Big® lives.

Whatever that limitless vision you have for your life, we know it encompasses a lot, and we want to know all about it.

The Components of Financial Planning

As mentioned above, financial planning encompasses your entire life and many specific details within it:

  • It starts with our Discovery Process, a vitally important part of getting to know you, your story, and who and what matters most to you. The operating instructions for your financial plan come from your mind and your heart and it is our absolute honor to learn those instructions from you.
  • We then continue on with Our Process, Your Journey to gather data and information about your resources, estate plan, risk management, and ongoing needs.
  • Then, we analyze that data in light of everything we’ve learned about you. Our Initial Financial Plan often focuses in two realms:
    • First is the Financial Hygiene Realm – Here we review your types and amounts of insurance coverages and discuss any gaps we may see (perhaps you don’t have an umbrella liability policy in place or you aren’t taking advantage of the employer-offer life and disability insurance that is vital to protecting your family in the case of lost earnings). We provide recommendations for filling those gaps and help you figure out the appropriate professionals to work with to do so.
      • We also review your beneficiary designations to ensure they are in alignment with your wishes and estate plan (and also review your estate plan to be sure the important people you’ve designated to make decisions on your behalf are the right ones you want in power and the documents dictate your ultimate wishes accurately). Should updates be needed, we’ll suggest you meet with your estate planning attorney (and can recommend one to you if needed) to complete the process.
    • The second is the Aspirational Realm – Here we talk about the path you’re on and get feedback from you: does this path look like the one you want to be on or do you want to explore alternative scenarios that may be on your horizon like relocating, a job change, taking a sabbatical, getting married or divorced, starting a family or losing a family member, planning for college, exploring your retirement vision, etc.
    • And there may be much more tailored to your thoughts and vision for your Live Big life! Perhaps we spend time more deeply exploring reallocating your portfolio or strategies for diversifying your equity compensation or tax analysis for selling your home and relocating or specific college funding approaches – the list is truly endless.
      • Check out our Sample Client Private Page® (something each Yeske Buie Client gets that houses all the action items we’re each working on, all the financial planning reports we review together, monthly portfolio performance reports, and tax reports).
    • And all of this comes with a metaphorical red DRAFT stamp on it. Life changes quickly and we’re always on the journey with you as reality emerges and you need or want to adjust direction.

While you may not have received the investment answer you were hoping for, we hope we’ve shed some light on how investments are just one piece of the much larger puzzle of your financial plan that has you and those people, things, and causes you love most at its heart. Yeske Buie’s financial planners can help you explore the question “what should I do with my money?” to ensure you invest and plan in a way that is aligned with your values. Connect with us today!