TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Soulful Connections

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Soulful Connections


The Numbers vs. The Narrative


Many believe that developing a successful financial plan is all about the numbers. And it’s true that the numbers are important. But we at Yeske Buie believe that what’s more important is learning about the heart and soul of our Clients and incorporating them into the plan. We do this not via a generic questionnaire, but by prioritizing meeting with Clients and actively listening to their stories. Learn more about this practice that is an integral part of our approach to financial planning.

October Money Matters

As we enter the final quarter of 2023 (when did that happen?!), we want to share three important reminders about financial deadlines in October that will impact everyone from students to retirees. If there’s any way we can assist you as these deadlines approach, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

student loan
Student Loan Payments

The COVID-era student loan payment pause is ending in October. Interest on federal loans began accruing again on September 1, and for most borrowers, payments will be due sometime in October. Please check with your loan provider (which may have changed during the pandemic) for your payment due date and to ensure your payment information is up-to-date.

Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare’s annual open enrollment period is from October 15 through December 7. During this period, you can make updates to your coverage, enroll in or switch to a Medicare Advantage plan, and revise your Part D prescription plan. Want to learn more about Medicare? Here’s a brief guide with information about eligibility, enrollment, costs, and more.

Final 2023 Tax Deadline

The final deadline to file your 2022 tax return is Monday, October 16. Once your return has been filed, we’d like to request that you send us a copy to help us complete any remaining tax-related analysis through the end of the year, including Roth analysis, updating retirement capital projections, calculating tax projections, and tracking tax data that can impact investment decisions.

Spirited Investments: A Halloween Market Review

We hope you will join us live on Tuesday, October 31 at 11am PT | 2pm ET for a spirited discussion with our scary smart resident economists, Dr. Dave Yeske and Yusuf Abugideiri. The duo will share their commentary on current ongoings in markets and the economy, including an update on inflation, interest rates, US stocks vs. the world, the upcoming election, AI, and more. We think you’ll leave the presentation feeling less frightened about your finances than you will of the trick-or-treaters who come to your door later that night – register today!

Fall for the Fawls

Family isn’t usually a word associated with financial planning, but it often feels like an accurate descriptor for the depth of relationships that we have with our Clients and our team. In honor of the personal sharing we ask from our Clients, we like to reciprocate the vulnerability by sharing personal updates and milestones ourselves. Kacie Fawls, Associate Financial Planner in our Vienna office, and her family recently celebrated her son, Jack’s, first birthday! It was a fun and emotional celebration that left us wondering ‘when did he get so big?!’ We hope you enjoy these photos celebrating various milestones on the Fawls family journey.

Happy Birthday, Lauren!

We hope you will join us in wishing Partner and Senior Financial Planner, Lauren Stansell, a very happy birthday! Lauren is a role model to many, both in her personal life as a wife, a mother, a daughter, and friend, and to her peers and business partners inside and outside the Yeske Buie. We hope her special day is full of love, and that her year ahead – as a mother of TWO! – is full of beautiful adventure. Continue reading below for a look into some of Lauren’s favorite people, places, and memories. Happy birthday, Lauren!

Greatest Life Lesson

“Becoming a mother has reinvigorated my child-like wonder for exploring the world around me. It’s reminded me to slow down and enjoy everything. A small bug on the ground I never would have noticed is the most intriguing (and brand new) thing to Nora! Noticing the sound of every airplane or helicopter overhead is an entire event itself. It’s so refreshing to slow down and really soak in your surroundings with awe and wonder. It forces me to be present and grounded – something that makes me a better parent and a happier person!”

Favorite Yeske Buie Memory

“My favorite memories always involve the people: our amazing Clients, the passionate team, and the great professionals in our network. I always love learning unique things about people – whether it’s the Client who taught me what it truly means to listen and hear someone fully; or, the Client who taught me the best direction to swoop when tying shoes; or, learning unique trivia facts while in conversation; or, learning someone you just met is a masterful chess player. I love to uncover tidbits like this from so many great people in my life.”

Favorite Weekend Activity

“We love going to the farmer’s market at Fort Mason on Sundays! Nora gets to enjoy the fresh fruit (well, she demands it, to be honest) while we walk the aisles. It’s a nice way to get outside, get some exercise, and get nourishing foods for the week to come. We also love Off the Grid – a gathering of food trucks on Fridays at Fort Mason. We divide and conquer – each person grabs a bite to share with the group so we get to try many things. And Tunnel Tops Park in the Presidio has a great playground, amazing views, and food trucks seven days a week now.”