TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Bite Size

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Bite Size

Investment Philosophy: Bite Size Edition

Investing in the market is often compared to riding a roller coaster, implying that both your money and your emotions will experience highs and lows over time. While volatility is inevitable throughout your investment journey, we have a fundamentally grounded investment philosophy that is implemented in a creative and disciplined way to harness growth in the long run. Spend three minutes with Yusuf Abugideiri to learn more about the six core principles that define our approach to investing.

April Tips and To Dos

While filing your individual tax return (or an extension) is obviously the most important item on your financial to-do list this month, we highlight a few additional tasks and resources that you may consider tackling on rainy April days while we wait for the April showers to transform into May flowers.

Tax Day is Nearly Here

Tax Day is Monday and for those who are still collecting their tax documents, we offer a few notes related to your Yeske Buie accounts vis this short video.

Student Loan Money On A Graduation Cap

Student Loans Deferred (Again)

The suspension of federal student loan payments has been extended through Aug. 31. Here’s how you can prepare for the eventual return of these payments.

Financial Literacy and piggy bank as savings symbol.

April is Financial Literacy Month

We’re passionate about financial literacy. Check out our robust financial literacy program for children and connect with us to receive these tools for your loved ones.

Reverse Mortgage Mini-Series

Although we believe there’s value in brevity, there are a number of financial planning topics that warrant a longer explanation due to their importance and/or complexity. One topic that we’ve felt would benefit from the longer explanation is reverse mortgages. In the coming weeks, our two-part reverse mortgage mini-series written by Partner and Senior Financial Planner, Lauren Stansell, CFP®, will be getting a new addition! Stay tuned and in the meantime, revisit part one for a basic overview a home equity conversion mortgage.

reverse mortgage mini series

Russia, Inflation, and Oil, Oh My!

Stock market investment trading financial, coin and Russia flag or Forex for analyze profit finance business trend data background.

Concerned about the economic impacts of the Russia-Ukraine war? Worried about inflation? Wondering about the performance of your Yeske Buie portfolio? Make sure you’re registered for next week’s webinar with Dr. Dave Yeske and Yusuf Abugideiri as they’ll be tackling these topics and more during our live event on Thursday, April 21 at 11am PT | 2pm ET. Use this link to reserve your virtual seat and feel free to invite your friends and colleagues to join us, too!

The Hope Chronicles

April is National Poetry Month and there’s one poet who we’ve featured in this space several times whose words inspire us and bring us hope: Amanda Gorman. Amanda’s resume is impressive: she’s the youngest inaugural poet in U.S history, an award-winning writer, and a Harvard University graduate. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – did we mention that she’s only 24 years old?! Here are a few of our favorite poems by Amanda.

Chorus of Captains

A Believer’s Hymn

The Hill We Climb