The Hope Chronicles (2020)

The Hope Chronicles (2020)

We share a collection of feel good stories and videos that renew our energy, remind us of our humanity, and keep us grounded in hope. It is our wish that they do the same for you and if you come across any inspiring content, please don’t hesitate to send it our way!

With hope,

The Yeske Buie Team

Posted December 18, 2020

Take Care of What Really Matters

A heartwarming reminder that self-care fuels our ability to take care of others. If only we could watch this video with clear eyes!

The Other Gift

We believe that giving unconditionally is the path to abundance. So do these kids whose incredible selflessness fills us with love and admiration.

Somebody to Love

We love a good flash mob, and this one is among the best that we’ve seen. The talent and soul of these amazing singers, and the message of this timeless song bring us a deep sense of awe, hope, and connection. Don’t miss the female singer’s final notes – they’ll give you goosebumps.

AD 2

What Brings You Hope?

More time at home has meant more time with our furry friends – like Henry, the dog that lives at home with Alishia DuBois. Alishia finds that Henry reminds her how to be a true friend, and his unconditional love brings her hope – what brings you hope?

hot cocoa bombs

Credit: Courtesy Sheri Wilson

I Melt with You

Have you heard about hot cocoa bombs?! These sweet spheres are the latest viral food trend sparking joy and nostalgia this holiday season. Whether you buy them in store or make them at home, these little treats can remind us to pause and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Holiday Card

In This Together

We hope you enjoyed this year’s holiday e-card – a COVID-safe alternative to our traditionally hand-signed card. In appreciation of our relationship, we were inspired to make donations to two local food banks on behalf of the Yeske Buie community. See how these donations impact the Northern Virginia and San Francisco Bay areas.

Posted December 4, 2020

All That We Share

In a world where we can be quick to put people in boxes, this video reminds us that we have a lot more in common than we think – we just have to look for what connects us.

The Power of Being Together

After months of physical distancing, this video’s themes of creativity, resilience, and connection really resonate with us. We can find so much comfort in each other’s support.

The Path to Healing

The challenges we’ve faced this year have highlighted the greatness of our humanity. And in a powerful way, Meghan Markle’s heart wrenching personal story perfectly embodies this lesson. With open hearts, minds, and ears we ask: Are you OK?

May the Light of Love

A dear friend of ours recently shared this tender song with us. While we’d normally share a piece like this with our Songs of Hope series, the song’s lyrics feel particularly fitting for the holiday season. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Finding my balance

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is a popular YouTube series with a mission to “connect as many people as possible.” We think this vulnerable interview highlights how Adriene’s patient, encouraging, and grounded approach to yoga mirrors our Live Big philosophy.

thumbnail_YB party 2

What Brings You Hope?

We had a blast connecting with the Yeske Buie community at our virtual event last night! Your engagement – at the party and all year round – fuels us with energy and hope, and we could not be more grateful for your continued trust and support.

Posted November 20, 2020

Music to Awaken

We give a standing ovation to this battling ballerina who relives a beautiful memory thanks to the power of song and psychology.

“SpaceX, this is Resilience.”

We are filled with hope for technology and science as the crew of the ‘Resilience’ capsule arrives at the International Space Station.

Neuroscience and Resilience

With cities across the US heading back into lockdown, we find this presentation featuring Dr. Rick Hanson’s ideas to “head off the isolation craziness” to be a helpful resource.

What Brings You Hope?

Lauren Stansell recently took a coast to coast road trip, and was filled with hope and awe by the beauty of the changing landscape. We think her photos will inspire you, too.

The Fight Against COVID

We feel hopeful about the progress towards a COVID-19 vaccine, and we look to the doctors and scientists at the CDC for evidenced-based updates on development, safety, and supply.

Eat Big Recipe Book

We’re cooking up a virtual recipe book with the Yeske Buie community’s favorite recipes. Here’s a sneak peek of the full book we’ll share next week. Don’t forget to send us your recipes!

Posted October 23, 2020

My Octopus Teacher

This magnificent documentary buoys feelings of joy, pain, wonderment, awe, and hope from beginning to end. In the words of Craig Foster, “There’s something to learn here.”

Do It with Passion

This funky artist’s passion and flair are infectious! His talent, spontaneity, inclusion, and joy for life give us a wholesome dose of hope.

“Virtually Unreal”

Bitten by the magic bug at the age of 10, our dear friend, Daniel Roy, has studied and perfected the psychology of deception. Recently featured on Penn & Teller’s show Fool Us, Daniel shows us how magic gives us feelings of wonder that feed our sense of hope. You’ve got to check out his work!

thumbnail_Cole 1

A Slice of Heaven

Assistant Financial Planner, Cole DeLucas, was excited to buy a home in Reston earlier this year, and when he found a spot perched on Reston National Golf Course, Cole’s new home became his own “slice of heaven”. Cole says, “Golf has and always will be my greatest passion, joy, and source of hope.”

“Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope”

Blossomed from an idea by 9-year-old twin brothers in Boise, Idaho, the Free Flower Project embodies our worldview that giving unconditionally is the path to abundance.

Live Big® Life Hacks

Time, money, attention, and energy are widely considered some of life’s most valuable resources – are you making the most of them? Check out this page for 25 ways to Live Big more easily.

Posted October 9, 2020

Unity Through Dance

We can’t stop listening to Jerusalema, the South African music track that has ignited hope, imagination, and unity in millions of people around the world including families, kids, healthcare workers, & first responders.

“I won’t give up”

João Carlos Martins and his team never stopped pursuing his limitless vision for is life, and now his Live Big dream has come true. We hope you enjoy this touching video. Where there is hope, miracles happen.

What Brings You Hope?

In support of pursuing a Live Big life, Yusuf Abugideiri spends every Monday with his son Noah; time that they affectionately call “Baba Mondays.” Both father and son relish in the opportunity to spend time together. At bedtime at the end of an especially great Monday, Noah whispered, “Thank you for a great Baba Monday.” And Yusuf has candidly shared “My son is my Hope Chronicles.” What brings you hope? We’d love to hear your stories!

Glimmer of Hope

Same but Different, a non-profit in the U.K., uses the arts to inspire positive social change. Their current campaign, Glimmer of Hope, features photos that celebrate hope for families and individuals affected by rare disease and reminds us to stay grounded in peace and gratitude. PS: Voting is easier said than done – they’re all really inspiring!

Hope for the Future

Winners of the 2020 Nobel Prize have been announced this week, with the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize coming later today. These awards recognize ‘those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind’ and bring us hope for a future grounded in research and evidence. Learn more about this year’s winners.

Appreciation for the Past

Music has an incredible ability to feed one’s sense of hope and belief, whether it’s the lyrics, the beat, the melody, or the space in between that fuels the emotions. For all the music buffs out there, Rolling Stone recently released it’s list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. Enjoy a trip down memory lane.

Posted September 25, 2020

Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg

As we mourn the loss of “Notorious RBG”, we reflect on her historic legacy of equality and inspiration. Rest in peace, Justice Ginsburg.

A Live Big Life: Farm Work and Dance

For us, it’s about the size of your life, not the size of your wallet. And this couple’s riches in life and in happiness outshine any amount of money.

Hero Wunderkind

Nandi Bushell, the 10-year-old drumming sensation, inspires us with her passion, energy, and confidence. Go do what makes YOU happy today!

Thank You, Teachers

We believe that learning fuels potential, and teachers like Mackenzie who exude patience and energy are a true inspiration for the future.

Building Hope

We believe that giving unconditionally is the path to abundance. This story about “Gloria’s Gladiators” reinforces this belief and is a reminder that we’re better together.

The Smallest Moments

Posted August 14, 2020

Rest in Power

Powerful words from a legendary leader. Thank you, John Lewis.

A Believer’s Hymn

Poet. Activist. Change-Maker. Amanda Gorman is all of the above and more. We wanted to quote our favorite line, but we couldn’t pick just one.

“Nothing can stop what we can do together.”

Nike’s latest ad encourages diversity, inclusion, and perseverance as people reconnect over the return of sports – well done!

Just Keep Going

A good reminder on those days when you need an extra boost of hope. It’s about progress, not perfection.

Joy On So Many Levels

Music, dance, children, animals – it’s hard not to smile and feel hopeful after watching this video from the San Francisco symphony.

Posted July 3, 2020

There is Light Here

This piece featuring a dear friend of ours is not just a beautiful song, it also shares a powerful message. Lee’s website is an amazing resource for everyone, particularly in these times.

I Knew You Were Waiting

(For Me)

This song about the deepest, unshakeable belief has been grabbing Elissa and Dave for the past few weeks.

‘Girl-Dad’ Surgeon Braids Patient’s Hair

Where kindness and representation intertwine.

Not Everything is Cancelled… HOPE is Not Cancelled

Hamilton the Musical: Now Streaming on Disney+! 

Enjoy Lin-Manuel Miranda’s award winning musical, Hamilton, featuring the ORIGINAL cast! What better way to celebrate the birth of our nation this weekend than with this captivating history lesson. Click here to subscribe to Disney+ and watch the musical.

Arizona Weather Map Goes Crazy Live on the Air

This one’s not about hope. It’s just plain funny.

Posted June 19, 2020

“If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.”

At Yeske Buie, we like to say “it’s about the size of your life, not the size of your wallet”. In this clip, Admiral McRaven says it’s about “the size of their heart, not the size of their flippers”.

San Francisco Ballet Presents: A Little Beauty

“To recreate some magic in this challenging moment, 57 San Francisco Ballet Orchestra musicians recorded music with their phones, and 27 dancers from SF Ballet danced individual choreography in their homes, parks and streets. Until we can dance together again, we’ll stay connected through the joy and beauty of this art form.”

The Alexander String Quartet

A friend of ours shared this beautiful, virtual performance from San Francisco State University’s longtime quartet-in-residence.

The Summer Solstice from Stonehenge

Is “Visit Stonehenge” on your Live Big list? Enjoy the innovative ways that organizations like English Heritage are bringing Live Big experiences to your home!

Abraham, Martin, and John

These men… we could sure use more of them.

Posted June 5, 2020

RFK Speaks After MLK Killed

What makes the speech so powerful is RFK’s ability to vulnerably share about his personal suffering, and also plea with his audience not to turn to violence and hate.

Nelson Mandela and the Science of Forgiveness

An evidence-based perspective on forgiveness.

Brené Brown on Empathy

The last line of Brené  Brown’s video sums up our purpose for sharing The Hope Chronicles: “What makes something better is connection.”

Gentle on My Mind

When good human beings share their talents, all you need to do is listen.

Some Good News Ep. 7

The online show that highlights positive stories and provides us all with a much needed boost during quarantine. This episode features a reunion of the cast from The Office.

Some Good News Ep. 8

The online show that highlights positive stories and provides us all with a much needed boost during quarantine. This episode features the power of community.

Posted May 22, 2020

Energy Update from Lee Harris

Our dear friend shares his observation of themes affecting all of us with the hope of providing some clarity and support during this time like no other.

Good Morning Humanity

Through the words of Charlie Chaplin’s A Message to Humanity, this commercial aims to give a message of positivity, presenting that on the horizon is a new world ready to welcome a rediscovered humanity.

General Resilience

When it comes to resilience, this graphic aligns so well with our beliefs…

  • We can’t see what’s coming,
  • But we know something will eventually happen, and
  • Building resilience is the only way to prepare.

Keep going. You’ve got this.

Who’s Zoomin’ Who?

In these days of endless Zoom calls, umm, everyone!

Ikea Shares Instructions for Best Pillow Fort

Running out of ideas to stay entertained? Ikea has you covered.

Stand By Me

One of the most viewed pages on our website is the global rendition of the classic Ben E. King song Stand By Me from the documentary “Playing for Change: Peace Through Music.” We never grow tired of this beautiful song, and today we offer a few more inspiring renditions that we’ve come across.

Posted May 8, 2020

We Are The World

Proof that it is possible for the world to stand together.

The Great Realization

This clever bedtime story shares a message about hope for the future, slowing down, and caring for one another and our environment.

‘If the Trees Can Keep Dancing, So Can I’

A poem that vividly captures some of the ways we are coping with uncertainty and crisis.

George W. Bush’s Message on Unity

A rare message from the 43rd President aims to invoke inspiration while asking Americans to put aside their differences.

SomeGoodNews Ep. 6

The online show that highlights positive stories and provides us all with a much needed boost during quarantine. This episode features a graduation message for the class of 2020.

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