TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Brain Boost

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Brain Boost


Digesting Your Monthly Portfolio Reports

performance reports

During the first few business days of every month, we post performance reports for all Yeske Buie Client accounts to our Client Private Pages. While we don’t recommend obsessing over investment performance, it’s important to us that the information available on the Client Private Pages displays accurate and timely information when Clients choose to view their page. For some, however, reading the information on the reports can feel like trying to read Greek. In this piece, we breakdown the information available on each page of the reports – we hope you find it helpful!

Brain Balance: Empower Your Creative Potential

We hope you will join us for a special live webinar on Thursday, July 27 featuring guest presenter, Heidi Harralson. Yeske Buie Founders, Elissa and Dave, had the opportunity to attend a live presentation with Heidi where she explored how to see the world differently by activating both sides of your brain through handwriting. They were particularly struck by an exercise that challenged participants to see an issue from different perspectives by simply exploring it from their non-dominant hand. We think you’ll find the presentation fascinating – register today!

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Happy Birthday, Ryan!

We are wishing a very happy birthday to our teammate, Ryan Kelly! Ryan is known around the office for his thoughtfulness, his jokes, and his love of sports. He has been with the Yeske Buie team for over four years, and serves our Clients by actively listening to each Client’s unique personal financial story and preparing detailed and comprehensive analysis in pursuit of their Live Big goals. Happy Birthday, Ryan! We share some of Ryan’s personal interests below.

RJ Atop Jampa Mountain with Carey and Yjeguel

Greatest Accomplishment

Ryan will always be proud of conquering Jampa Mountain in Peru with his mom and her friends. It was the most exhausting experience of Ryan’s life, but the feeling of accomplishment is unmatched.

RJ National Parks Checklist

Personal Live Big Goal

Visiting every US National Park. This checklist was given to Ryan as a Christmas gift back in 2020, and Ryan has since made it his Live Big goal to check every park off of the list. 6 down, 57 to go!

RJ Onewheel

Favorite Weekend Activity

Float Pack! On the occasional Friday, Ryan enjoys exploring San Francisco with the Float Pack, which is an eclectic group of Onewheel and electric vehicle riders. It’s always a party with this group!

Word of the Week: Compound Interest

Word of the Week - Compound Interest 3x2

Albert Einstein was quoted for saying, “compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world,” and we couldn’t agree more – time is often the most important ingredient in a Client’s financial plan thanks to this concept. Compound interest can be described as interest that you earn on interest. In other words, it’s the ability to earn interest not only on your original investment, but also on the interest that has been accumulated so far. Learn more about the power of compound interest especially for those saving for retirement.

Where in the World is the Live Big Glass?

The newest addition to our Live Big glass photo gallery comes from beautiful New England and adds a new state to our US map – Vermont! The photo was snapped while enjoying a peaceful afternoon with family in a remote vacation home on a property with 10 acres of land with a lake… what a serene way to Live Big. See the full photo along with the rest of our gallery on our website and don’t forget to send us your photos as you find yourself living big this summer.

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