TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Calming a Case of the Jitters

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Calming a Case of the Jitters

How Low Will Stocks Go?

Matrix: Bear Market

When it comes to financial markets’ performance, 2022 has been a challenging year (and that may be putting it mildly); many are wondering how much worse it can get. As is seemingly always the case, there are a number of things to be concerned about. Read on to hear our take on where things stand and why we’re finding reasons to be encouraged about what’s ahead.

May Tips and To Dos

May is a month of transitions. It plays host to a number of celebrations, changing seasons, warmer temperatures, and sporting events, among other things. As we shift from April showers to May flowers, here’s a few tips to consider for your financial to do list.

School Is Out Sticky Note

It’s Graduation Season!

Whether you’re celebrating the end of a chapter or preparing for a new one, education planning presents significant financial impacts. Here’s our tips for new grads and our thoughts on 529s.

Backyard with barbeque and dining table

How’s Your BBQ Budget?

Sweet summertime! If you enjoy hosting backyard barbeques, you may be considering some home improvements heading into the summer season. Here are a few budgeting tips for homeowners.

Hand putting print screen dart and target board wooden cube on up arrows. Target of investment and business concept.

Revisit Your Goals

Did you establish any financial resolutions back in January? As we near the halfway point of the year, consider revisiting those goals and intentions to help you feel successful come year-end.

Reverse Mortgage Mini-Series III

At Yeske Buie, we are constantly pushing ourselves to Learn Big, one of our six established worldviews, as we believe our learning in service of our Clients never ends. We’ve continued to learn more about reverse mortgages and have written two prior pieces in this mini-series. Today, we write to share information about a new reverse mortgage option available – the jumbo reverse mortgage…

reverse mortgage mini series

Celebrating Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month


May is Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month. While well-intentioned, it can be perceived as cliché and contrived to spotlight minorities’ stories during a specified month – real inclusion requires energy and compassion every day of the year. That said, we welcome any opportunity to highlight the special people on our team, and today we feature Rachel Shin and Dorothy Navales, who vulnerably share their experiences as Asian Pacific Islander women in the US and in the financial planning profession. Thank you for being you, Rachel and Dorothy.

Ask Us Anything

Retirement. It’s a milestone we literally work towards (and look forward to) for an entire career. And yet when the time comes, some people can feel more than a little blindsided by the strong emotions that often accompany this big transition. In our latest Ask Us Anything question on this topic, Ryan Kelly reminds us that, “retirement isn’t simply the freedom to stop doing work; it’s the freedom to start pursuing new passions.” Check out Ryan’s full answer for more insights.

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