TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Crunch Time

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Crunch Time

The Two Week Look: Systematic Rebalancing

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While Yeske Buie’s investment philosophy may appear to be passive, our approach to monitoring the components of our client portfolios is anything but. We are constantly evaluating the shifting landscape, and we “look” more frequently than we take action. What are we looking at? And at what frequency, exactly? We share a deep dive into Yeske Buie’s systematic rebalancing process, internally known as The Two Week Look.

Ask Us Anything: Money Memos

One of the most important words in Yeske Buie’s mission statement is ‘empower’. We want clients to feel empowered to understand the components of their financial life. This desire is one of the drivers behind our communication practices, and is the beginning of the answer to today’s Ask Us Anything question: “From time to time, I receive emails from you about trades in my account and updated reports on my page. I don’t mind receiving them, but I’m not sure I understand their purpose.” Check out the full answer here.

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December Tips and To Dos

We’re guessing that you have enough on your plate this month, so we’re not going to add any more major to dos to your list. We do encourage you, though, to try to spend some time enjoying the holiday season and embracing the holiday spirit. Don’t forget to…


Leadership Team


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Oh, We Had Holiday FUN!

Hot chocolate with melted snowman

It was such an honor to spend time with members of the Yeske Buie community at our virtual holiday party this week. Those who joined us said that it was big fun, beautifully executed, and the best one yet – and we don’t disagree! We enjoyed playing Guess Who and Scattergories, building word clouds, and finding commonalities within small groups. Here’s a few photos from our time together. Happy Holidays!

Year-End Tax Planning

As we do each year, we’re in the process of doing full year-end tax planning reviews. This includes looking at expected end-of-year portfolio distributions from the mutual funds held in your accounts and the potential for harvesting losses or gains as is appropriate to your situation (if at all), and considering Roth Conversions if you are expected to be in a relatively low tax bracket. If we review your situation and believe you need to act, we will reach out to you with our analysis and thoughts. If you have specific questions or new updates to share with us, please reach out. Otherwise, rest assured we’ve got you covered!

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