TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Safe Spending

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Safe Spending

How It Works: TheLiveBigWay® Safe-Spending System

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We believe we bring value to our Clients in a number of ways, but one of the most significant ways we impact their lives is through TheLiveBigWay® Safe-Spending System. We’ve discussed the philosophy behind this system in the past, and in this space, we take the conversation a step further by explaining the Safe-Spending System in detail and offering tips for successfully implementing it in your own life.

Safe-Spending Simplified

As a complement to today’s headliner detailing TheLiveBigWay Safe-Spending System, we’re excited to share our new downloadable resource outlining the basics of the system in a simplified way. Whether you’ve been using the system for years or are still in the accumulation stage of your financial journey, we hope you’ll find this to be an informative and engaging guide. And if you have any questions, please connect with us – we love to have conversations about our system!

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Word of the Week: Monte Carlo Simulation

Word of the Week Monte Carlo Simulation Square

Before our Clients begin utilizing the Safe-Spending System, we use Monte Carlo simulations to assess the robustness of their retirement projections. In other words, we use these simulations to “stress test” our Clients’ financial plans when they are accumulating assets. In its simplest form, a Monte Carlo simulation is a model that allows us to test long-term expected growth and sustainability when variable factors are present (including a Client’s spending needs before and during retirement, inflation, and rates of return on their investments). By integrating this model with our deep knowledge of our Clients, we are able to create a picture of the path ahead and make adjustments as necessary.

Aria Turns One!

We’re wishing a very happy first birthday to Lauren Mireles’ daughter, Aria! It’s been a humbling and joyful journey watching Aria grow into the silly, smiley, and curious girl that she is today. Aria loves being with mommy and daddy, playing with her doggie Lexi, spending time outside, shaking her head ‘yes,’ reading books, and babbling away. We hope you enjoy the following photos of Aria and the Mireles Family!

Aria Balloons with Mommy