TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Hall of Fame

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Hall of Fame

Things to Consider When Changing Banks

things to consider when changing banks

Change can be a good thing. But change for the sake of change does not always result in progress. If you’re thinking about changing banks, it’s important to consider a number of factors including what kind of service and amenities you want, how to open and close your accounts, and what financial information needs updating to avoid any interruptions. We’ve outlined a few considerations and created an interactive checklist to help you manage the transition – check it out here.

Tips for Preventing Cyber Fraud

In the past few months, we have been reading about, and have unfortunately seen firsthand, an increase in cyber fraud, phishing attempts, and social engineering. Cybercrime and fraud are serious threats, and constant vigilance is key. Yeske Buie takes our role in helping protect your assets very seriously, and there’s also action you can take to protect yourself and help secure your information. With the help from our team at Schwab, we share two dozen tips for preventing cyber fraud.

tips for preventing cyber fraud

Top Wealth Adviser Hall of Fame

For nearly 15 years, Washingtonian Magazine has published a list of Top Financial Advisors, highly revered financial professionals who are recommended by their peers as people they would trust with their own money. Yeske Buie Co-Founder and CEO, Elissa Buie, has been a staple on the list over the years, and was recently named to Washingtonian’s Top Wealth Adviser Hall of Fame. Congratulations, Elissa! We’re proud to have one of the profession’s recognized best as a leader on our team.

Happy Birthday, Mila!

We’re sending big birthday wishes to Mila Lavoie, Project Administrator in our San Francisco office. Mila has been with the Yeske Buie team for over five years and supports the firm by being an ambassador for exquisite client experience and an enthusiastic and dedicated team member. We hope you enjoy learning more about Mila via her Meet the Team feature and the personal tidbits shared here.

Casee Jones

Favorite Photo of Casee Jones

Near and dear to Mila is her best friend and fur partner in life, Casee Jones. This pup has seen her fair share of struggles, and she continues smiling and wagging her tail each day despite it. Here’s the first photo Mila has of Casee Jones right before she brought her home.

Costa Rica

Favorite Place You’ve Visited

Costa Rica! Mila’s trip to Costa Rica with her boyfriend, Greg, was wonderful. They spent their days chasing waterfalls and beach hopping, along with tasting delicious local cuisines. Mila says that the beaches are some of the most beautiful she’s ever seen!

Client Event

Favorite Client Experience

Mila’s favorite interactions with the Yeske Buie community have been through our client events – all of them, both virtual and in person. She loves that she gets to mingle and chat with so many of our Clients, and she has many fond memories from each of these events.

Word of the Week: Financial Planning

We’d like to use this space to explore different words that are relevant within the Yeske Buie community. Let’s begin with a simple one: financial planning. A Google search for the definition of ‘financial planning’ turns up mixed results that includes words like investments, financial circumstances, and advice. We think all these pieces matter, but only if they’re applied through a lens that is personal, relatable, and aligned with who you are and what matters to you. Learn more about our process of financial planning.