TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Let’s Crunch Numbers

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Let’s Crunch Numbers

New Year, Same Story: Inflation Inquiries

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We’ve made a bit of a habit of talking about inflation, haven’t we? As the topic continues to dominate discussions in the financial and economic worlds, we thought we’d offer our take on the most recent CPI reading, the Fed’s plans to raise interest rates in 2022 to combat rising inflation, and what it all means for you and your portfolio. Spoiler alert: we still don’t think there’s cause for concern.

The Stealth Tax

As the saying goes, “nothing is certain except death and taxes.” That said, no one likes to be confronted with a surprise bill from Uncle Sam, so today we uncover the specifics of the stealth tax, or the alternative minimum tax (AMT). While commonly known to apply to the “super” rich, being aware of AMT triggers and calculations can help you avoid surprise if this tax does apply to you.

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Three BIG Questions for 2022

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Our team looks forward to connecting with you live next Wednesday, January 26 at 11am PT | 2pm ET for an engaging discussion on the hot topics that are bubbling to the surface in 2022. What BIG questions will we be tackling in our presentation? You’ll have to tune in to find out, but we’ll give you a few hints… Invest Big | Be Big | Think Big. Register today and feel free to share this invitation with family, friends, and colleagues!

The Hope Chronicles

The Yeske Buie team has often been referred to as a family because of our robust relationships and genuine care for one another and each other’s families. We feel fortunate to be in a space where the support for our work family and for our personal families often blends together, and it’s a gift to share personal updates in spaces like our current updates and our What Brings You Hope? feature among others. Today we share photos and updates from our three next generation partners, YusufLauren M., and Lauren S., whose growing families fill us with hope and love.

2022 Tax Filing Season

The 2022 tax filing season will get underway on Monday, and the IRS is warning that it could be a bumpy ride due to ongoing pandemic-related tax relief and a backlog of returns from 2021. To avoid delays, the IRS recommends filing your return electronically as soon as possible, and to be extra careful to report accurate information.

As you begin collecting your tax documents to prepare your returns, we’d like to offer a few notes about tax information for your Yeske Buie accounts.

  • On the Tax Reports page of your Client Private Page, you will find reports for your taxable accounts (for planning purposes only) and transaction reports for your IRA(s).
  • Please refer to your Schwab 1099 for dividends, interest, and capital gains in your taxable account(s), and your 1099-R for any distributions from your IRA(s) to complete your tax return. Schwab will be posting 1099s for your accounts throughout the month of February. We’ll keep you updated on timing, access instructions, and more throughout the month.