TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Best of 2021

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Best of 2021

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Each year as we take the time to reflect on the days that have passed, and we assemble a collection of our most popular posts from our bi-weekly newsletter, TheLiveBigWay® Digest. This year, in addition to looking at our most viewed posts, we also considered the amount of time spent on each page to help us identify the content that most engaged our readers. We hope you enjoy reading (or re-reading) these pieces, and we wish you and yours a peaceful holiday and a prosperous New Year.

Our People, Your Team

In 2021, we celebrated the growth of our team in more ways than one. In addition to welcoming three new employees to the firm, many of our other team members celebrated milestone life events including marriages, babies and grand-babies, professional certifications, new furry friends, new hobbies, and more. It’s a blessing to be a part of each team member’s personal journey, and to share our lives with you.

We were honored to learn that our team’s bios, current updates, and featured life events like the ones highlighted below were among the most clicked posts this year.

Meet the Team

This year, we’ve welcomed three powerful women financial planners to our team. Learn more about Sydney, Kacie, and Rachel in these editions of Meet the Team.

The Stansell Family

Lauren Stansell and her husband Daniel welcomed their baby girl, Nora Layne  Stansell on September 1, and watching Nora grow over the past three months has been a gift.

Milestone Moments

Our team celebrated two beautiful weddings this year! Cristin Stinson and her husband Doug tied the knot in June, and Cole DeLucas married his beautiful bride in October.

Invest Big

We believe there is a science to investing. Unfortunately, much of what passes for investment advice has little connection to science. We have a fundamentally grounded investment philosophy that we implement in a creative and disciplined way. We are committed to an evidence-based approach in everything we do, and we are constantly digesting the latest economic information to inform our recommendations and practices.

We like to believe that we’re good people to think with. So what are we thinking? Here are a few of our most popular pieces related to the economy and investing.

Financial and Technical Data Analysis Graph Showing Search Findings
The Great Reboot

The economic impact of the global Pandemic was dramatic, and the recovery felt equally – and to some degree surprisingly – dramatic. We tell a market story about the economic “reboot” we saw earlier this year with two charts.

Money Growth Graph on a chalk board
The Inflation Story

Inflation was an inescapable term in 2021, and we commented on the topic several times (once, twice, and again for good measure). Contrary to the scary headlines, our message was this: we’re not concerned about inflation in the long-run.

Exterior of a GameStop retail store. This retail chain specializes in video game and consoles sales
Goodness Gracious GameStop

While the trendy stock market games were fun to watch from the sidelines, our quick take is this: it isn’t investment, it’s speculation. We believe there is a science of investing that’s more about discipline than it is about beating the system.

The Live Big Philosophy

When times feel crazy, it can sometimes be difficult to remember the areas in our life where we can Live Big without spending (much, if any) money. But if we can find a place of gratitude for what we have and who we surround ourselves with, we can find joy in the simplest of places, and, hopefully, at least get our minds off of how scary the world can feel at times.

Like the year prior, 2021 presented a host of unique and emotional challenges. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to spend time with the following posts that focused on hope, gratitude, and community and were popular among our readers.

The Hope Chronicles
TheLiveBigWay Gratitude Wall
A Jinglin’ & Minglin’ Success

What began as an intention to inspire hope and groundedness during an uncertain and scary time has evolved into an inspiring, creative, and personal chronicle of our Live Big philosophy and a reminder that one person can change the world.

The holiday season serves as a natural time for reflection on the things that hold a special meaning in our lives. We offer this space as a place to highlight who and what you’re thankful for, and offer our team’s sharings as inspiration.

Live Big is about the size of your life, not the size of your wallet, and our lives are made bigger by the Yeske Buie community. The trust and engagement you give us is so fulfilling, and we are grateful for the memories made in 2021.

First and Foremost, We’re Financial Planners

While we recognize that investments are an important part of one’s financial life, we also believe it’s just that: one part. We like to think of ourselves first and foremost as financial planners. We are passionate about learning about who and what matters to you, and using that information to craft a personal and relatable financial plan.

Here are just a few financial planning topics we advise on that our readers found interesting this year.

Student Loan Money On A Graduation Cap
The Payment Predicament
Don’t Be Fooled by Debt
Medical mask protects money dollars from covid-19.
Post-Pandemic Personal Finance Trends

With federal student loan payments deferred and talks of forgiveness in Washington, we discussed whether borrowers should make payments or direct those funds elsewhere.

For many Americans, the word debt is practically taboo. While there is reason to be cautious, we discuss how debt can also be an effective resource on one’s financial journey.

If you’ve seen your spending and saving habits change during the pandemic, you’re not alone. Here are three common post-pandemic personal finance trends.

Let’s Learn: Live Webinars

We welcome any opportunity to connect with the Yeske Buie community, and our live webinars are no exception. Our live webinars are a space where we share timely updates and information, answer questions in real-time, and encourage a sense of community. Whether you attend the live event or watch the recorded presentation, we hope you find the information valuable.

The presentation slides and video recordings from our three live webinars presented in 2021 are available here. We host these webinars every few months, so stay tuned for details about our next presentation.

Simple clean performance line graph design for 2019, 2020 and 2021 with a red coronavirus cell close up and icons
Pandemic, Politics, and Pocketbooks
Senate stimulus deal includes individual checks virus economic stimulus plan US 100 dollar bills currency on American flag Global pandemic Covid 19 lockdown
A Global Pandemic: One Year Later
Q3... Q4 2
The Economy, Financial Markets, and Year-End Planning

While December 31 is usually an artificial dividing line in our lives, we used this marker as an opportunity to kick off the New Year with a webinar sharing our thoughts on the year that just ended and the year that lay ahead.

A lot changed between April 2020 and 2021, and seasons of change can bring about a lot of questions. In this webinar, we discussed the ups and downs of the pandemic, where the market stood in April, and our economic intuition on what lay ahead.

As the end of the year nears, there’s a lot of planning to be done – and not just for your Thanksgiving dinner! In this webinar, we shared updates on the economy, financial markets, and year-end planning strategies.