Featured Favorites: Give Big for Charity

Featured Favorites: Give Big for Charity


Welcome to Featured Favorites, a special feature with a goal of highlighting the diversity of thought and interest on the Yeske Buie team and in the Yeske Buie community at large. One of our core values is to Give Big, and we believe that giving unconditionally is the path to abundance. One of the things we love most about this core value is that it can be embodied in a variety of ways whether you feel pulled to give your time, your talent, or your treasure. We wanted to find out how our team likes to Give Big, so we asked:

What is your favorite charitable or non-profit organization and why?

Are some of your favorite charities on this list? If not, we’d love if you’d use the form at the bottom of the page to share the organizations that inspire you so we can learn more about them ourselves.

Some of Our Favorite Charitable Organizations

“My favorite non-profit organization is Meals on Onewheels. Their motto exemplifies the scope and impact of their work: “Nobody has everything, but everybody has something.” Meals on Onewheels doesn’t cast a wide net – it’s a small organization focused primarily on the Bay Area – but it makes a focused and personal impact, serving over 200 care packages and hot meals to people experiencing homelessness at each event. Not only do they provide a much-needed service to people who need help, but they also help Onewheel riders spread “good vibes” in their communities.” – Ryan Kelly

Food Bank of the Rockies; I always enjoy my time volunteering there and really feel like I am making a difference. Food insecurity affects every county in the United States, and helping package and distribute food to provide to families in need makes a big impact!” – Aubrey Klearman

Food for Others. They help fight local food insecurity which affects far too many people in our country.” – Cristin Stinson

The WorkShip Team in Tucson AZ. This is a charitable organization working to serve the homeless population of Tucson. I had volunteered with them several times and was amazed at how passionate they were about their service.” – Gavin Shoults

Feeding America: I’m so grateful to have always been provided for and to be able to provide for my family, and it’s my feeling that this is a basic human right. This organization does great work to feed those in need.” – Lauren Mireles

“I love the ASPCA. I’ve always been an animal lover and lover what they do to help animals. They also provide great care to animals who already have homes. When we had to put our 16-year-old chihuahua, Bella, down, they made the experience very special, personal, and private. We were able to be with her the entire time in our own private, comfortable space. And she was so well loved by them during the process. It was a really hard day and they gave us the best possible space to do it and were so compassionate to us and to her.” – Lauren Stansell

Habitat for Humanity – building homes for people who need them fills my heart.” – Yusuf Abugideiri

Montgomery Animal Shelter – They are a dog shelter near Virginia Tech. I was not too involved in charity until I was introduced to this animal shelter through my fraternity, and quickly our events with them became my favorite (even though I am allergic to dogs).” – Will Tracy

Let us know your favorite charities!