The Hope Chronicles (2022)

The Hope Chronicles (2022)

We share a collection of feel good stories and videos that renew our energy, remind us of our humanity, and keep us grounded in hope. It is our wish that they do the same for you and if you come across any inspiring content, please don’t hesitate to send it our way!

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The Yeske Buie Team

Posted August 19, 2022

Our team’s favorite songs and artists highlighted in today’s Featured Favorites section have us tapping our feet, wiggling in our seats, and inspired to dance! For this week’s edition of The Hope Chronicles, we share another video from the 0 – 100 series that asks people of all ages to share their answers to some of life’s big questions. The video’s question is more show than tell – what’s your best dance move?! Whether you feel like the 37-year-old or the 78-year-old, we hope this video brings some hope and levity to your day.

Posted May 27, 2022

Graduation season. It’s a time to celebrate accomplishments, appreciate lessons learned, and dream about the future. This class valedictorian reflected on all three of these things in his graduation speech, and he also got unconventionally honest about the cost of his hard work. Not the cost in dollars, but in relationships. His words resonate not only with the principles we embrace in The Hope Chronicles, but they also mirror the Live Big philosophy. What can you do to ensure you have no regrets in the sixteenth second?

Posted April 1, 2022

One of our fundamental beliefs is that human beings are fundamentally growth-seeking, ingenious, and resilient. While this idea has been put to the test over the past two years of unprecedented challenges, our belief never wavered, and new research from the 2022 World Happiness Report suggests that it continues to have strong roots. The report found that “three measures of prosocial behavior – donations, volunteering, and helping strangers – all showed increases in 2021 in every global region.” To see increases in these social behaviors during a global health pandemic brings us so much hope about humanity’s ability to show up for one another during the most difficult times.

Posted March 18, 2022

The physical and emotional pain of the people of Ukraine weighs heavy on our hearts. Fortunately, as we often see during crisis, people all over the world have been exhibiting touching displays of humanity to help those who are suffering, and these efforts fill us with hope. For those who feel inspired, we share different ways to Give Big to Ukrainians in need.

Peace sign on the ukrainian flag

NPR: Want to support the people of Ukraine? Here’s how you can help.

Ukrainians arriving at the train station in Lviv, Ukraine

Obama Foundation: Help the people of Ukraine by supporting these organizations.

A bouquet of ripe golden spikelets of wheat tied with a yellow and blue ribbon on the background of the flag of Ukraine. Country symbol. Independence day of ukraine, flag day, constitution. Copy space

World Central Kitchen: Serving people across the region to get hot meals to those in need.

Ukrainian youth looking pro EU rally

The Washington Post: Here’s how Americans can donate to help people in Ukraine.

Posted March 4, 2022

Last month, we shared a video that is part of a series of videos featuring people ages 0 – 100 giving their answers to some of life’s big questions. Today, we’d like to share another video from the series, this time one that focuses on the most important life lessons that people have learned. We find the answers to be quite moving, ranging from the importance of acceptance and forgiveness to lessons that align with Yeske Buie’s core values to Learn Big and Live Big. We hope the video provides you with an opportunity for reflection and appreciation for your Live Big life.

Posted February 18, 2022

One of the prevailing characteristics that weaves through the Yeske Buie philosophy and The Hope Chronicles is resilience. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this touching video featuring the beautiful relationship between the McKeever brothers is worth a million. Despite an untreatable genetic disorder that caused Brian to lose his eyesight, he and his brother didn’t give up on his dream of becoming an Olympian. Watch how they achieved their dreams together through dedication, communication, love, hope, and resilience.

Posted February 4, 2022

We recently came across a series of videos featuring people ages 0 – 100 giving their answers to some of life’s big questions. The video we’d like to share today, Home Sweet Home, asks the question, “What does home mean to you?” Some answers will incite a laugh, and others will touch the heart. But collectively, we think they’ll all have you reminiscing over good memories and Live Big moments, and we hope that brings a smile to your face and fills you with hope.

Posted January 21, 2022

The Yeske Buie team has often been referred to as a family because of our robust relationships and genuine care for one another and each other’s families. We feel fortunate to be in a space where the support for our work family and for our personal families often blends together, and it’s a gift to share personal updates in spaces like our current updates and our What Brings You Hope? feature among others. Today we share photos and updates from our three next generation partners, Yusuf, Lauren M., and Lauren S, whose growing families fill us with hope and love.

Posted January 7, 2022

Today, we felt it appropriate to honor Betty White, whose beliefs about how to live a satisfying, Live Big life closely mirror our own. As family, friends, and others reflect on Betty’s life, she’s been described as “a spirit of goodness and hope” and “the eternal optimist”, and her legacy is often described as a simple one: be kind to others. In celebration of a life well-lived, we hope you’ll join us in channeling Betty White’s energy today and in the weeks to come. Rest in peace, Betty.

“Always try to look at the upside, not the downside. If you concentrate on the negative stuff, you’ll be unhappy a lot of the time… If you’re feeling blue or if you’re feeling down, there’s got to be something that’s going right.”