TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Best of 2022

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Best of 2022

Welcome to our most-viewed posts of 2022. It was a challenging year for markets and the economy for a number of reasons, including uncertainty around inflation and interest rates. Congruently, our commentary on these topics was most popular with our visitors. We were pleased to see that this wasn’t our readers’ sole focus, however, and that new features highlighting our diverse and talented team also piqued your interest.

Before we bid adieu to 2022, take a moment to reflect on all that we’ve been through together this year, and appreciate your own resilience.

Happy holidays and best wishes for a bright and prosperous new year!

#1: Three Big Questions for 2022

2022 started out with a lot of noise on the topics of inflation, interest rates, and tax legislation. As we traditionally do, we went live in January to help investors digest the noise and understand what it all means for them. Rewind to January.

Notable Quote: “There are reasons to be encouraged, and we find those to be appreciable if we zoom out.”

Authors: Dr. Dave Yeske, Yusuf Abugideiri, and Lauren Stansell

reverse mortgage mini series
#2: Reverse Mortgage Mini-Series

Our two-part Reverse Mortgage Mini-Series expanded to three with a new addition detailing the jumbo reverse mortgage. Reverse mortgage conversations have become more frequent over the past two years – stay tuned for more!

Notable Quote: “Reverse mortgages continue to be a potentially appealing strategy to consider in the right situation.”

Author: Lauren Stansell, CFP®

#3: Partner Family Updates

Our next-generation partners are not only on a business journey together, but they’re all in the journey of parenthood, as well. Yusuf’s son and daughter turned 5 and 2 this year, Lauren Stansell’s daughter turned 1, and Lauren Mireles welcomed her first child in May. It’s a blessing to share our lives with you, and we hope you continue to enjoy watching our families grow as much as we do.

#4: How Rising Interest Rates Impact the Stock Market

We introduced a new video series this year called soundbites – short videos featuring Yeske Buie experts discussing a variety of topics. Our most popular video featured Dr. Dave Yeske on the topic of inflation, interest rates, and the stock market. Check it out.

Notable Quote: “Not all stocks, and not all segments of the market, are affected equally by a change in interest rates.”

Author: Dr. Dave Yeske, CFP®

#5: Bitcoin Blues

We’ve made our position about Bitcoin clear in the past: we don’t think of it as a good fit for our clients for a variety of reasons. And yet, we think it’s important to address these hot topics (especially when the headlines are noisy like they were for Bitcoin earlier this year) to reiterate our stance. In this case, in a creative and engaging way.

Notable Quote: “Sometimes it pays to be boring.”

Author: Yusuf Abugideiri, CFP®

#6: We’re Better Together

After a two-year pause, we were so happy to host in-person gatherings again this year! It was such a joy to see our clients and members of the Yeske Buie community together again at our events at the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, VA and at the University Club of San Francisco. The entire Yeske Buie team also enjoyed being together again for our annual staff retreat in Tysons, VA in October. And, while not in person, our virtual holiday party was also an absolute blast.

Thank you for all of the ways you engage with us, and for the energy you bring every time we’re together. We can’t wait to see you again soon!

#7: Who Pays for College

Student loans were a widely discussed topic this year because of the continued student loan payment pause, the potential for federal loan forgiveness, and the ever-growing cost of higher education. We reviewed a few national studies for our discussion on who pays for college.

Notable Quote: “56% of families use student loans to pay for college.”

Author: Cole DeLucas, CFP®

#8: Your Goals Come to Life

While asset management is important, we are, first and foremost, financial planners. We love learning about what’s most important to a client, and helping them map their goals – quite literally with our Live Big® Maps. Do you think Steph Curry would like his map?

Notable Quote: “Your Live Big Map always reflects what matters most to you; as our relationship continues… your Live Big Map will evolve.”

Author: Ryan Kelly, CFP®

Geometric illustration of multi coloured human figures
#9: Celebrating Diversity

One of our greatest strengths is our diverse and talented team who is dedicated to serving our clients to the highest of standards. This year, we wrote several pieces highlighting and celebrating our diversity, and we were humbled to find these pieces among our most popular.